Poem (12) Ballad

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A cute little ballad. There's a twist at the end of the poem. you prob never guess it.

Poem (12) Ballad

Trisha Barrek Hopkins


~~A dark cold night
You see nothing
But there is in sight
What is this something
It isn't in height
What will it bring
Will it have might
Is it an evil thing
Is it something you can fight
Could it have a melody to sing
We know it is no where being bright
Could it be something you can fling
Can it possibly take sight
No it's just an ordinary thing


A dark alley in your imagination
Something that is close to the heart
One that can cause sensation
Something from within you that can never part
An object or something you carry throughout this nation
From finish to start
Nothing that is ancient
Nothing near being a piece of heart
Could it be near a patient
Can it cause a fever
Could it cause a black out
Is it a her
Will it make you scream or just shout
Does it look like fear
Does it make anyone pout
Will you stir


Ah it could be a cat
Is it a dove
How about a hat
Could it never shove
Or maybe it's a gnat
How about love
Is it skinny or fat
What is it apart of
What about a mat
Is it below or above
One which sat


Could it go out to play
Does it look like a fish
Will it go or stay
Could it be your favorite dish
Why must this end in ish
Will it sit up or lay
Try to get it polished
Will it make your day
Tell it you'll meet it around sevenish
Does it have anything to say


Is it something you don't want to miss
Is it a famous singer
Or something you want to dis
Don't let it linger
Or even give it a kiss
What will it bring her
I think right now it's just getting you pissed

So just give it the finger
And just take it off your list


What could this be
Is it from man kind
Let your thoughts free
Try to go and find
Go and try to see
But try not to get left behind
From the scene never flee
I wonder if it will ever bind
I wonder if it is from a bee
This little mystery will stay in your mind
Hopefully when you find it you don't scrape your knee


I guess if you haven't figured this out by now
It will be stuck in your head
So take a bow
Go to sleep go to bed
Going crazy up there don't allow
Make sure you've been fed
Don't even have a cow
I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with lead
You'll never find out how
What was it you said
It may just go pow
You couldn't of bled


Finding out this thing may be your goal
Keep trying
You can keep on digging yourself that hole
To yourself you'll be lying
Only to find out all along this thing it was your soul
Now you don't have to think your dying



Bring, Cold, Fight, Flight, Goal, Might, Night, Other, Sight, Sing, Soul, Thing

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37, Mother of 2 gorgeous daughters 13 n 10, Found my high school sweetheart after 15 years and now we celebrated our 1yr anniversary aug-27-13. Ill never let him go no matter what. I Love poetry

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
9th Nov 2015 (#)

Nice Poem!

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author avatar Trisha M.Hopkins
9th Nov 2015 (#)

what did you like about this poem?

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