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Just a short poem about domestic abuse, which I have very strong views on. I know men suffer from domestic abuse, but I can only express from the women's point.


He said it would not happen again
His word goes round and round in her head
The reflection staring back from the mirror
Shows the result of another false promise
She traces the black eye forming
Wipes the blood away from her bust lip
The confident woman she once was gone
Over the years his cruel words
Penetrated her soul
Self-esteem a distant memory
His words started to sound like the truth
She thought his protectiveness meant love
At the beginning when he wanted to spend all his time with her
She was so caught up in false reality
She never noticed how he was distancing her from friends and family
Ignored voices of loved ones concerns
They pleaded with her to leave
Another fairy tale escaped her lips
Of how she got yet another black eye
Every time he lashed out he blamed he for provoking him
He shed false tears as she wiped up he own blood
And put a cold flannel to her eye
She thought he was the one
Someone she had always longed for
When she got him she was so happy
He treated her like a queen
The abuse started slowly
Raised voice then the odd cruel word became more frequent
The first slap in the face
Was a sign that all is not right
But she blamed her self
She must have done something wrong
Was not good enough
So blinded by love she could not see the truth
In her delusional mind it was because he loved her so much
Her sister begs her to leave before it’s too late
That one day his beatings will go too far
And that this is not how love is
That he does not even love himself
She tells her any man that inflicts any abuse on his woman
Is not someone worth having
And that it does not make him a man
It shows him for what he is weak
That’s why he prefers her broken
A shadow of herself
Isolated and confused
Emotional damaged
So that she will not see him for what he truly is
A coward


Bully, Helpless, Self Confidence, Self-Confidence, Self-Discovery, Self-Esteem, Self-Help, Self-Realization, Self-Worth

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I am a mother of four, I enjoy writing poetry, reading and listening to music.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
9th Aug 2013 (#)

This man sounds like someone who has some deep inner guilt that makes him feel bad , but not bad enough to sort it out , but to take it out on the woman he possesses ..Like a punch bag for a boxer .( no disrespect to boxers here ) but you can get the idea. ? A coward through and through , and I pray he will get his cumuppance soon ...or better still get help to change .
God bless you Natural1970
Stella >I<

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