Poem "TILL Death"

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This is page is about suffering of people in violent relationships


She has been lying awake for hours
Too scared to even move
Trying not to awaken the devil
Dread pulsates through
Morning approaches
Same torment
Different day
Fear even penetrates her sleep
Dreams replaced by nightmares
He is so unpredictable
What new horrors
Will she suffer today?
Even breathing can start his fist flying
The children cower
Family ties severed
No rescue coming
Sometimes death seems like a blessing
Only the children keep her going
In her mind she knows
They have to escape
But she fears leaving more than the beatings
Confidence broken
Only a shell of what she used to be
Standing at the alter
His plastic smile did not waver
Mistook the look in his eyes for love
Could never have even imagined the true horrors waiting
The wedding vows took on their own meaning
For better and worse
The latter rings in her head
With every beating
To love and cherish
His property as soon he put the wedding ring on
The only line that rings true
Is until death do they part
You may now kiss your punch bag
Did she miss the signs at the start?
His eyes open and he stares at her
The same look same smile
Now she knows the meaning
Hell has arrived
His rough hands cover her mouth
He takes what he wants regardless of the fight
In a sick way he seems to enjoy the struggle
Thinks as her husband consent is a given
Bruised inside and out
Climbs out of bed hoping the children didn’t hear
He smiles at her fear
Shouts his orders
Threatens her with a beating
If she doesn’t stop the children’s crying and whimpering
She promises the kids one day things will be better
Maybe she will be brave enough tomorrow


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th Aug 2013 (#)

That is no way to live a life! Anything else s heaven! siva

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author avatar Yasmin.k
11th Aug 2013 (#)

Such a plight means a experiencing death many times in life

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