Poems Regarding Feminism, Beginning Anew and The Side Effects of Love

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Some moderate-length poems including the first poem I ever put to paper: "Moving On".


The walls of my skull remained stained with your voice,
but only I can hear the beauty of it,
As if in your fucked up socialisation process
you forgot what it meant to be an individual.
You idolise heels that may as well be stilts,
idolise clothes that may as well be underwear,
worn by people that you will never live up to
because they don’t really exist.

They tell you that
“with a few easy steps you can be just like this”
but the truth is
nothing that improbably faultless can be found
in a few easy steps.


Moving On
I want to go somewhere, where the salt air opens my senses.
I want to go somewhere, where the people are free.
I want to go somewhere, far away from this mess.

I want to see places that will open my eyes.
I want to meet people that will open my heart.
I want to touch things that will send shivers down my spine.

I want to fall for someone, and be caught.
I want to catch someone, and see the spark in their eyes,
as they walk with me
through the eery shadows,
through the enigma of my mind.

I want,
I want,
I need,
To move on.

Valentine's Day
Another excuse for tens,
Of lost, lonely people
To reminisce in anguish
Over lovers past

And for tens,
To rub it all in their faces.

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