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Throughout the day, sometimes we forget just how much time we have to enjoy everything and everybody, every moment, and every lesson.

Spring Whispers Too

Like any other season, spring whispers too
A gentle sigh among the trees
Scatters leaves and dew

Her cruel showers cut right through
Winter’s dreary eves
Her tender warmth envelopes you
You miss her when she leaves

A season not as easily pleased
She changes her mind on you
A simple breeze among the trees
Spring can whisper too

Life Story

Don't pay attention to time
Pay attention to a thing called life.
A series of unfortunate events
A stop watch that can't be stopped.

It can be gone in an hour, a minute,
a second if that.
Cherish every grain of sand in
that hour glass.

A thirty minute jog, a fifteen minute
swim, a five minute talk with mom.
Write your life story as fast as you can,
before you run out of ink.


Accompolishment, Death, Earth, Family, Free, Jog, Life, Life Changing, Live, Love, Mom, Opportunities, Opportunity, Parents, Peace, Peaceful, Rain, Seasons, Spring, Sunlight, Sunny, Sunshine, Swim, Time, Timeless, Timewasting, Walk, Weekend, Weekends, Winter

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author avatar OhYeaCraigIKnow
I am a High school student with a passion for writing and above any other sport, swimming. I enjoy anything that lets me show who I am and what I stand for; be it a few stanzas, or an entire book.

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author avatar Denise O
18th Jan 2012 (#)

So darn true. A well written piece. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
18th Jan 2012 (#)

Hello OhYeaCraigIKnow,
Welcome to Wikinut!
I enjoyed reading your poetry.
It's just wonderful.

"Write your life story as fast as you can,
before you run out of ink."

I like the conclusion.
There are so many things to tell 'before the ink runs out', beautifully said.
A great message for every one who wants to tell about their experiences of life.

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author avatar Retired
19th Jan 2012 (#)

Time and time waits for no man,
For we are part of the mortal clan.
To fill the world with knowledge and love,
To be the greatest gift from Above.

Like all seasons that life seas,
The rivers flowing to the seas.
It is the time that that the rock,
To create the grand Canyon chip of block.

Filled with gold that is beautiful and true,
The gift from Creation that is so true.
For when you practice and create your art,
Nothing but time can ever keep you apart.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) 19th January 2012

You have a gift, use it and develop it through practice, it will give you the gold coins you want, but it takes time, you have a lot of it based on the poems above....

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author avatar OhYeaCraigIKnow
19th Jan 2012 (#)

Thank you for the kind words Aiyanna! These poems were from middle school, I have more recent ones, each written within the past two days actually.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
29th Jan 2013 (#)

Short and sweet and fun ,
but true . I look forward to reading more of your work Craig.
Bless you

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