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These are poems that I've written that are a true reflection of my life at one point or another.

Very Understanding

You have a very understanding ear
And I love that about you
I can cast all my cares upon you
And you will always listen
You always seem to understand
You have never failed me yet and I know you never will
Because you will always be understanding


Do you ever know what I’m hiding in my mind?
I never let on that there is turmoil there
I let you see and hear that everything is okay
But see its not...
I’m torn up inside
And words cannot express the pain I bear
Mere words cannot describe what I feel inside
And all you do is add onto my agony with your looks and unkind words
When will you understand that appearances can be deceiving?


Thoughts run through my mind
Thoughts about how I want life to be
What I expect out of my life
At times I get totally lost in my thoughts
That I lose all and total track of time
My thoughts, my dreams
Are what keep me going at times in this world of chaos
It’s the time in life when everything can stand still
And nothing else really matters
No friends
No money to pay for school
Unpaid bills
A sick body
Sick loved ones
Negative forces and energy
It really doesn't matter
My thoughts are mine
Mine to escape
Escape to that place that I make my wildest dreams come true in real life
My thoughts and meditation on the Word keeps me in the game


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I jot down life experiences of my own and those around me in the form of poems or narratives.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th Jul 2015 (#)

Interesting thoughts and poems, thanks - siva

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author avatar justicetee
19th Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks! Thank you for all of your awesome comments of my work as well!

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