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The Thought of It

"The thought of it" 
I hate the thought of money
How it controls my life
How I'm suppose to be living in freedom
But eveything isn't free right?
We pay to live , we pay to go to school
Cause education isn't really free 
They told you that so you could follow there rules while they lead 
We pay for everything , if you think about it
We pay for excitement , entertainment, tv and relationships, we pay to stay alive
We give money so our lives can become better but it really gets more shadier we feign for more money for better things, then we yell out freedom rings. Our lives are free though because murderers take it with no hesitation. I hate the thought of money, cause no matter what those people say, money does make you happy. It's the things you buy the money with. And to be honest you can even buy someone else's common sense. People are being bought, like there products an they set there balance high so they run out of stock. You can pay for everything, you can pay for your wife's happiness and buy her that diamond ring. You can pay for higher purposes a better life that's not worthless. I hate the thought of money because I want more of it everyday, I stress myself out because I feel like I don't have enough today. I'll break my back to get more, I'll kill someone else to see my happiness explore. Black Friday for instance, it's like a purge on the holidays. Perfect example for what they want you to do, they want you to shop till you drop. Get the expensive things that should be this price on the regular. Cause next month it'll be times that and you wouldn't want that. But right now fight for your life, even though next year you'll be doin the same thing for a few more inches right. I hate the thought of money cause it's paper that's controlling our minds, money over everything. Literally 

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