Poetry: All forms of resistance are always only ever types of resistance against love

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This poem tries to show how resisting anything is at its heart only ever resisting love.

This is not so easy to see at first, but it can be readily seen when we know that all and everything is all love just loving.

Love is oneness. This is because love is perfect. There is no room for fear or anything else within it.

Love also usually involves trust, but it can live without it too. Love is sufficient unto itself.

When we resist absolutely nothing, we bask in the fullness of God's love. All is love

When do your persistence, and your determination,
turn into the stubbornness of your latest obsession?

Only when resistance raises its ugly eyebrow for now,
above the shadow of love being you in you, somehow.

Love is always persistent in its steady steadfastness.
It's us who act too stubbornly, in trying to be too right.
Love lives determined to find the real you, within you,
yet it never stands its ground to fight you in your fight.

Love brings an element of pureness in its total peace,
yet it's never trying to dispute who's right with its might.
Love will live within you, when you allow it all to live in.
It lives in you repositioning you to be the real you in you

Withstanding love by resisting it is refusing to fully love.
The distance in your insistence loses God's assistance.
If we consistently believe in God's realness of existence,
resistance will change into a new persistence to endure.

Any resistance remains in total opposition to God's love.
Only love can assist us in the call to be our real selves.
We resist the love living in us being us standing too tall.
Love requires us to be the love in us being us at its call.

God is with all who endure in their persevering to be true.
If we're resisting not his pull, we'll become full of his love.
Persistence always grows itself into wisdom within our soul.
Resisting love diminishes wisdom's growth stalled in our mall.

"I think leaders are incapable of the strength that passive resistance entails."

This quote is from the American musician, Meshell Ndegeocello.

A good leader must not be devoid of love though. The strength of love is enough.

Trust, doubt, and love

Poetry: Trusting God removes your doubts about love
but loving God allows trust to live with its doubt.

Where there is any doubt still persisting,
trust isn't being really full in its trusting.
Where there is full trust, left un-trussed,
there can be no doubt left at all, readjusting.

Truth's far more powerful than any doubt,
trying its hardest, trying to undermine it.
Worry is caused by our wanting to control.
It's always a sign you have lost some trust.

Any bird perched high up,
on a branch of any tall tree,
is not placing its trust in the branch.
It knows it has wings, you see.

Trusting in yourself, allows you to fly.
Trusting in God isn't about finding proof.
Trusting in God's about loving him, unfussed.
We can only fully love, if we fully trust.

Trust relies on love, but love not on it.
The love in you grows, only from itself.
Trust grows from within you, as you love.
Live from love, trust will grow by itself.

"Trust is a great force multiplier."

So said the American politician, Tom Ridge. This might be so, but only if that force is love. Without love, trust loses its strength.

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