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Awareness is a poetical concept in a way.

This article then opens with a poem about awareness, and being aware.

From there we explore the concept of awareness from the viewing platform of love.

Finally we see that real awareness only descends onto us when we fully contact, and be our real selves.

Awareness removes ignorance, creating wisdom

Awareness within the inner silence,
creates learning without outer violence.
Real learning never creates any pain,
it brings love to your heart to remain.

Awareness is having unlimited presence.
Always living within each moment of now.
Awareness shines into the darkness,
revealing an inner light that's then bright.

Awareness sets itself nicely in you as you love,
and then it moves itself even above its last above.
Love then descends even more into you from God,
& your life is transformed, as he now lovingly nods.

How love relates to awareness

Can we ever really be fully aware with our whole being? Can we ever have an awareness of our self as a whole being?

There is no doubt of course that we are aware, but just how aware are we? Have we any way of becoming more aware of what we are not yet aware of?

This seems impossible unless our awareness levels are increasing and expanding right now even more. If they are indeed expanding, well eventually, we could indeed be fully aware of our whole being.

The only way to be whole as your self is to love from your whole self.

Love is the only complete wholeness and for the self to be whole also it must be full of love. The whole self must live from full love to be fully whole. This can be achieved simply by living as the real you as much as possible.

The more that you can be your true self, the more that you can love.

The more that you are afraid to be your whole self, the more that you are fearing being this whole self. Love more and fear disappears into the love and your whole self will then emerge from this total love as well.

Has anyone so far in mankind's existence ever reached this level of complete awareness and perfect love?

I believe that some have.

Perhaps Jesus Christ was one such person who was totally aware of his self and of his own whole being as well as being totally aware of all else as well. He was also perfectly loving in the way that he lived.

It has been said perhaps many times before that we never see things as they really are, we only ever see them as we are. This would imply that we could never be aware of our whole being.

Buddha was reputed to have said that if we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would then change.

He meant here that as our awareness level expands so we also change. Awareness only ever applies to ourselves. To grow forwards in one area of new awareness within ourselves is always more beneficial for us than if we could grow in our awareness of others faults.

We should never try to judge others.

We can help people from our own awareness, but we can never be fully aware from another person's viewpoint. Our wisdom must begin and end within our self. We can never be wise for another person. Our wisdom is only ever just our wisdom.

We might think that we know the faults and shortcomings of others, but we never do. We can only ever know our own.

The Christian bible points this out to us when it says in Mathew chapter 7, verse 3:

"Why do you see the speck in your brother's eye, but fail to notice the beam that is in your own eye?"

Self-awareness comes from "Self" awareness

Usually awareness is not aware of its own awareness.

Awareness is linked to your real self. The more that you are this real self the more aware that you become. When you then love this real self to accept it, you finally become aware of the awareness of this love always being in you and in essence being you.

Awareness is also unaware when it is still unconscious awareness.

Awareness becomes conscious when love creates an awareness of itself loving consciously in the entirety of the entity of you being yourself, The only awareness of awareness is to be involved in love loving. You always love and live from love. You are always loving and living from love. There is only love and love is all.

You only become aware of the full awareness of this great truth when you allow love to shine its awareness brightly enough in you so that you can see your true self now in the reflection of this love loving.

This only means that love lives in you as much as you love. This awareness is the ultimate awareness, and it is allowing God to live in you as you. Awareness of awareness is seeing that you are God and that God is you.

This is having the awareness of yourself as a whole being, and knowing also that the only whole being is God.

This idea of self-awareness is of course not just a useless, or worthless empty philosophy.

Pure awareness of oneness is all that exists.

Sometimes it flows into you giving you an idea that you are the awareness, hence self-aware. Never stop here though, by taking credit for any such self-awareness. Always go right past this to the real awareness that is flowing into you even now.

Self-awareness is simply a door in ourselves that we open in order to find the pure awareness behind.

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The image, together with the Senryu poetry, used in the first section was created by this author.


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author avatar Utah Jay
11th Dec 2014 (#)

I spent 40 some odd years in addiction and being totally unaware, and I am just now passing ten years clean and sober, its a whole new world for me and so I must say that I am only truly aware of my own little spot of happiness, the history that I love, and the God I adore...Peace be with you.

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author avatar spirited
11th Dec 2014 (#)

thanks Utah Jay, such peace brings you an extra piece of awareness, which lack of inner peace takes all-but away.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
14th Dec 2014 (#)

Living every moment with love, gratefulness, without an iota of ego, raises our awareness as we remove the blindfold to see the world in true reality. Then hatred and negativity will have no place. Thanks Spirited for this share - siva

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author avatar spirited
14th Dec 2014 (#)

thanks siva, if we could all see without our blindfolds, as you say, yes I do believe we could all then live with and from love too.

We have to see past our blindness's

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author avatar Retired
21st Dec 2014 (#)

Wonderful theme...Unlimited presence indeed! :) Namaste, rd

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author avatar spirited
21st Dec 2014 (#)

thanks, rama devi nina

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