Poetry: Death is ever near to life. Life is ever near to Love

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Perhaps the only documented person to ever have survived death and come back again was Jesus Christ.

Maybe he could only achieve this because he operated from a level of perfect love. Of course, he was also God's son, and this might have played just a small part in it too!

This article is about how death lives within life, and life within death. They are both sisters of love.

Death and life are sisters to love

Death seems to come even nearer to us each new & passing day.
Nearer to what, I prayed about again, again alas, again today?
We live in life, alive in death, it's still so ever, so near.
Death is love, but appearing less, only if masked in our fear.

Death lives in life not born alive enough to survive alive.
Love still lives in death, resurrected it arrives to thrive.
Living in life without love brings death nearer to your door.
Fearing death's not living from love, & all it's got in store.

Death's as near as the heart of your newborn love's born alive.
Death's as far away as your life's not below its above in its depth.
If you try to avoid a nearer death love's not all then expressed.
Reach out to love. Death then blesses life leaving it unsuppressed.

Death's fullness strives for fulfilment not still emptied of love.
Not housing love, nearness to death starts to then appear as fear.
Dying's not anything really if you've loved yourself fully awake.
Death's closer to life if its nearness to love is not being faked.

"Hell, madam, is to love no longer."

The French writer Georges Bernanos, (1888 to 1948) said this.

Perhaps he is right. This is the only Hell, to give up on love. Perhaps Hell is the only place where there is no love, and yet only love could have taken them into Heaven. Love is the key to the door of Heaven.

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There is no death to love

Senryu: Death meets love

Death is not the end.
Life is not the beginning.
Love grows to unfold.

"If we lose love and self-respect for each other, this is how we finally die."

So said the American poet Maya Angelou, (1928 to 2014).

I agree with her, only when we stop loving do we start living from death.

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How are death and life related to love?

Everything has meaning. Life has its meaning, and so presumably does death.

Love lives on in all eventuation's of itself, regardless of death, or even of life.

Both death and life are only ways for love to love. God exists as a oneness, and love, which is his energy of doing, created the individualised life forms that exist independently to house himself within.

God perhaps could not fit his whole self into only a portion of creation like this, and so he split or separated himself within himself. Each soul is a microscopic holographic rendition of the whole of God, that he then places into each instance of life.

God allows each soul to return to himself when its life is extinguished, and blows itself out. This happens when God directs that particular soul through that part of himself which is their soul in that particular life to do so.

This is because God himself is always wanting to move on, and to establish newer forms of life. Life is ongoing in its development, and it improves itself by soul's energy moving through it during each, and every one of that soul's particular individualised life experiences.

Consciousness arises as a result of life living from the energy of God's love that is actively moving within it, and into it, that life form, that also loves.

Consciousness is life's field in a similar way to which a magnetic field is created around moving electricity, and that is always being increased in its strength from this ongoing process. Consciousness is created by life living from God's love.

Life feeds consciousness, and death allows life to evolute itself into even greater and greater vehicles for itself, and that are then even more better able to hold its forever increasing stronger field of awareness of its own created expanding, and ever growing consciousness.

God also learns from all of this, as collectively he sees the ways in which his love is growing wiser in its understanding of its own truths, now more actively being applied in each instance of God, and so that the sum of all of God's parts or the souls within him, is then always collectively greater within him, than it is individually within his parts.

This means that God grows by us growing within him, but that God himself in his own unique way always remains larger than his creation in all things, including in his wisdom, truth, and understanding of what is really all going on here.

There is no death. Death is just a door to an ever expanding life that is housing God in ever new ways, as he grows and then grows himself again within us.

"For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity."

This is a quote from somebody long dead, that still brings new life to all those who read it. It was William Penn(1644 to 1718) who penned it. He was an English born philosopher, and a well-known entrepreneurial businessman of that time.

Life is like that. It builds continually onto itself, of which death is just another building block it its structure. Love is the energy behind both life and death though.

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16th Jul 2014 (#)

beautiful expressions again spirited...thank you...

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thanks for being a fan, carolina

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16th Jul 2014 (#)

Thanks for sharing ~ Spirited. I love what Proverbs 18:21 says: Death and life are in the power of the tongue . . .

Blessings to you!

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16th Jul 2014 (#)

that sits nicely about it also saying that the word is God, thanks Helen

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16th Jul 2014 (#)

I fully enjoyed this...Thanks.

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thanks Utah

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Very nicely done!

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