Poetry: Fear is never really near enough to here to hear, when you live in the now!

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We should not try to block out all of our fears. Really, only a stronger fear can block out another fear. Let fears stay around and follow them into love. They often can make cracks in your armour where love can reach into you at long last.

The real answer though is just to try to keep yourself living only in the now. When you do this, you will then find that all fears have dropped away. Fears take you away from now!

Fear can sometimes serve a purpose for love in a funny way

It's said that a person with no fear's still often afraid,
because courage is just persistence not being delayed.
Delaying our instant compliance to fear builds more love,
because love flows in to fill all of you always if un-delayed.

If fear eats into love's armour of warmth around you,
you'll then feel colder than cold down here on the Earth.
Stop hating that which you fear the most on your coast,
and love will return without even a boast as your host.

There are no truths that ever need to ever be feared,
no fear lives within God's love engineered unsteered.
Love fear right into its fearfully frightful awful face,
your life will about-face, when that love's embraced.

Every day we must try to conquer our fears still here.
Life is not constructed to be lived without no tears.
The thing not to be feared is often the most feared,
courage is knowing that what's not known is all known.

The person with no fear's not really living fully here.
We need some fear almost as much as we need love dear.
When we attempt to do all of the things that we fear,
our fears will often disappear, back into love's rear.

Love's perfect, yet it lets cracks appear to let us in.
A fear opens up a fissure in you, then love pours back in.
This occurs if your fear does not solidify into real fear.
Love wants you to still feel love in the rear of that fear.

Love lives in the now. Fear lives in the past, or in the future.

Never is fear present in the now.

This means that if you are feeling fear now, it simply means either that part of you is being projected into the future, or this fear is causing you to not live in the now, by its linking itself to some unfinished business, or something left uncompleted from your past.

If you are living from a future fear, it is because this fear is being linked, or connected to, some unstarted projected business that you are afraid of, which you expect to happen in your future, seeing it as its being feared to be in your future.

The ancient Greek poet Sophocles, (496 BC to 406 BC) put this very well, when he said this:

"To him who is in fear everything rustles."

Only the past or the future can rustle. When you live in the now, it's all beautiful music to you then.

How to begin to love your fears to their death

How could we ever begin to love our fears though?

Fears appear when you abandon love, and when you feel the emotion of love as fear by giving it that description from your mind.

All is love.

Every emotion is isolated out from love by your body and mind for a purpose.

For love's purpose.

This is so you can gain a greater insight into why you must love and understand its truths.

Only love and its truths can set you free from your mind's separating love out into smaller aspects of itself isolatedly succinct in such a way that they are felt to be less than perfect love, and so this makes you fear what your mind is feeding to you then.

Just try to love your fear then with your mind. This will attract love to your mind from your heart. Only love can remove fear.

"Love is like an earthquake-unpredictable, a little scary, but when the hard part is over you realize how lucky you truly are."

This quote is from James Earl Jones, an American actor.

This great quote tells us why we often might fear where love is taking us to. Life is scary, but in the end it's always worth it when you follow love and not get held back by your fear!

Can love still live within fear, even though fear cannot live within perfect love?

How can we resolve this seeming paradox of love's?

The love of fear creates not a fear of love, but a new love of that fear.

A fear of love though only ever creates a greater fear of the fear, and also of course of the love.

Stop fearing the fear, and start loving it instead.

Truth, love, life, and fear

Truth is not lost within its youth, to our worldly untruth.
Resting in its place, it's in its booth, that's the truth.
Until we come along searching like a sleuth, for its proof,
truth lives within love not aloof, but without yet a tooth.
How you chew into truth gets you removed, if you're uncouth.

Love lives within you without its being shoved in from above.
Only fear covers it over with itself when you live too lonely.
Verily, love lives in its connection to others, merrily not airily.
Energy is enhanced if we believe in love enough to create synergy.

Life's lived best if both truth and love dance atop any strife.
Imagine living from love and truth. This should become in fashion!
Flow with life's river, walk along its road. Be what you know!
Every person must be real to themselves to access God's treasury.

Fear eats into the very fabric, of truth, love and life, unaware.
Everyone living from such fear must become aware of what it's done!
Awareness is the first step to move you past fear to clearness.
Realign yourself with love. Find truth living alive in you un-maligned!

"The mark of fear is not easily removed."

This quote is by the American writer, Ernest Gaines.

This mark of fear though only ever hangs onto us either from the past, or from an expected future.

Drop yourself back into the now. Nothing can hang onto you there except love, and even this love does not really hang onto you. It allows you freely to be yourself, without any fears being present!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
6th Aug 2014 (#)

a good piece spirited...nothing to fear except fear itself...ha!

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author avatar spirited
7th Aug 2014 (#)

yes, that's right Carolina. A fear creates more fear once it's held onto.

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author avatar Etc.
6th Aug 2014 (#)

I always think of fear, when I feel it, as a warning.

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author avatar spirited
7th Aug 2014 (#)

thanks Etc. Yes, it is a sort of warning I believe too, or perhaps it's also an indicator that we have move away from perfect loving.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
7th Aug 2014 (#)

Thanks for sharing!

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author avatar spirited
7th Aug 2014 (#)

thanks Phyl

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
8th Aug 2014 (#)

Try telling a child who is in danger of a predator not to fear , but to love , spirited ...that would be like living in cuckoo land my friend .
If you were to say...Put your trust in the God who is Love , and He will deliver you from all your fears ...that may be nearer the truth ...
Stella ><

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author avatar spirited
9th Aug 2014 (#)

actually a child never fears anything, its adults that tell them to fear. Children love perfectly before fear enters them, and remember perfect love has no fear within it.

thanks for your perspective Stella.

I am talking about spiritual fear, not the fear of a flight or fight response, which is another bodily type of response that we label as being a fear, incorrectly I believe.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
11th Aug 2014 (#)

Sadly I have known of children who have suffered terrible abuse at the hands of someone who claimed they ' loved ' them ... so much so , that it is hard to define love to those who have been through such fearful experiences , spirited.
Bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar Margaret Michel
13th Aug 2014 (#)

The only thing I fear more than fear is regret!

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author avatar spirited
13th Aug 2014 (#)

Especially if you regret being fearful, that would be a double whammy then....

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author avatar spirited
18th Jun 2015 (#)

The energy of fear can only exist as long as you are holding onto it, but you can only hang onto it if you are not living within the now.

Nothing hangs onto you but love in the now!

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author avatar Retired
14th Aug 2014 (#)

Love is the opposite of fear. :) Good reflections.

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author avatar spirited
14th Aug 2014 (#)

Love is just love, I'm not sure if it's the opposite of anything.

The oneness of love could have no opposites. Some say there are only two emotions, fear and love. I say that all is love.

The bible says that perfect love has no fear in it, but I get your sentiment, thanks rama devi nina

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