Poetry: God's silence is the only real noise

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Silence, real silence is an enigma. Nothing can be said about it at all.

The more that is attempted to be said, the more that you will leave silence. Like love, you must just love, without thinking about it, to fully love. With silence you must not try to think yourself into silence either.

Love fully, and God's silence will live fully within you then also bringing with it a great peace.

The noise of God's silence cannot be heard from our noise

The unspeakable fullness of unconditional love,
remains unspoken in God above, if unbequeathed.
It is up to each one of us to unsheave his love,
not to break into his silence alone, by our shove.

This unspoken love recreates itself in our self.
It's given at our start to later depart unbroken.
Hold not onto the unspoken unknown ever violently,
bless all with your kind words silently, guidedly.

God reigns over the unspoken word, yet unsaid.
The master of love sits silently alone, not dead.
His unspeakable love never harms, as it charms.
His unspoken words calm all if any it still alarms.

God's silence is the only noise that he ever makes.
Our noise competes without poise not for his sake,
but when we really listen, we'll ourselves forsake.
We'll live then within the silence of his noise then too.

God doesn't need excess noise to command, or to love

"He who establishes his argument by noise and command shows that his reason is weak."

This quote is from the French philosopher, Michel de Montaigne, (1533 to 1592).

Silence is a misnomer in that the only silence that is really a real silence is the one that belongs to oneness. As soon as you take your place back in oneness, silence is the only thing ever present within oneness that you will observe.

Outside of God's oneness is the eternal noise of separation caused by one part of God talking to another part of God.

Attempted outer connection is always noisy because all real connection is always inwardly silent.

''Silence is a fence around God's wisdom.'' ~ German Proverb

Is God's oneness really resting in total stillness, and absolute silence, or not then?

Total stillness represents this oneness in totality, and that as a whole never changes, but that does intermittently change throughout itself from its creating life moments in itself that are neither still, nor silent.

When these life moments try to recover the stillness and silence of their origin, this is impossible for them to do, unless they live entirely from love.

Only love is not restless like fear is, or like living from any lack of love always is, and only love is perfectly still and silently peaceful in its loving without trying to represent itself in any alternative way to anybody in order to try to colour its own loving in any way either.

Silence loves however, without any restrictive fences being placed around itself, because love itself always silently loves. Perfect love is always perfectly silent, and this is why we cannot very often outwardly hear God loving us, or even talking to us.

Silence is ever fenced in, and yet it contains no fences.

The fences are not silent, but the silence constructs fences around itself of a nothingness, made of nothing else, but for itself.

The silence goes out, and comes back exactly the same. Silence, like love, is always itself. Any fences are not real fences then, but really only the illusionary constructed fences that are causing our apparent separation from God's oneness.

Get out from behind your fence of fear, and love fully, and so hear the silence within silence, within oneness.


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I have been interested in the spiritual fields for over thirty five years now. My writing is mostly in this area.

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author avatar Utah Jay
18th Jul 2014 (#)

I have heard such a silence...Beautiful work, just beautiful.

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author avatar spirited
18th Jul 2014 (#)

Yes, you have heard it Utah, that's where you write from...

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
18th Jul 2014 (#)

yes spirited...the sound of silence is the sound of self within...played in such an ethereal way that all the sense come alive in perfect beingness

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
18th Jul 2014 (#)

as Utah so rightly says...this is beautiful....

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author avatar spirited
18th Jul 2014 (#)

thanks carolina

that's a great description of yours of what happens when we play our own instrument within and so hear its sound as a part of the orchestra of Gods.

thanks for your complements too

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author avatar Etc.
4th Aug 2014 (#)

Nothing can be said about silence as it can be seen, heard or touched; but nothing can be said about anything else since I know everything, even silence, through the lens of my own senses--not always reliable. Then rather Zen-sort of response is the one that came quickly to my mind. Your article is impossible to argue; it is without backstops.

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author avatar spirited
4th Aug 2014 (#)

thanks Etc.

When you do try to argue, it moves you away from the silence.

We can know things in two ways I think though, but the outer knowing is perhaps never as silent as the inner knowing...

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author avatar Margaret Michel
14th Aug 2014 (#)

Interesting piece! Thanks for sharing!

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author avatar spirited
14th Aug 2014 (#)

thanks Margaret

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