Poetry: Intolerance only ever builds fences, that in the end, we must climb over to grow

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We are open and tolerant towards people, when we allow ourselves to see them with a greater love, and with more understanding.

This article talks about tolerance and intolerance in a few different ways.

Firstly from a poetical view, then more from the scholarly perspective.

The author's conclusion is that to be fully tolerant of all others, we need to love them more. This type of tolerance rather than being taught, must be caught from love. We must allow love to fully live within us.

The reality is that we are all one. There is no us and them

Within life, we sometimes think,
that there is an us, and there is a them.
There is no truth within this thought, you see
we ought to think that there's only we, not me.

Insularity is living you as you only being you.
The narrowed walls of your confining mind,
don't let you see anything through, enough to view.
It's really a lack of interest in others, I remind.

Intolerance is a type of anger at your life, and life.
Anger prevents you understanding what is your gripe.
Impatience with others is also really just intolerance,
give them of your time, but not from a pained silence.

Love comes alive through making connections of love, newly spun.
Intolerance breaks these connections apart, before they've ever begun.
The introspective glancing back at others should be without intolerance,
and so in this way, love paves the way to being golden again for you.

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Questioning the way that we can become more tolerant of others

Can we learn to be tolerant, or does it take really a greater power than that to allow us to be fully tolerant of all others?

Perhaps it takes love, and not just education to bring us to a real, unconditional tolerance level.

Senryu: About Intolerance

Unwilling to love,
all others as God loves you?
You're intolerant!

"The highest result of education is tolerance."

This is a quote from the remarkable American writer, and lecturer, Helen Keller, (1880 to 1968).

I wonder if the opposite of this is also true though. Ignorance creates intolerance.

Actually, to me anyway, tolerance is more a mind-set, an attitude that we develop within ourselves, when we live more fully from love.

Education might help us to develop this mind-set of course, but real tolerance is far more than something just to be obtained from education. Some lofty professor types, educated to the hilt, are sometimes among the most intolerant of people too.

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"Helen Keller-graduation picture, 1904". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons, the free media site

Tolerance, and its relationship with love

How does tolerance work together with love?

Real tolerance allows love to play along with life as it wants to, and not for it to be prevented from moving in the way that it wants to in your life.

This then is what true tolerance is really all about. It is about allowing love to be itself within yourself, and it is about allowing love to be itself as it wants to be within all others too.

"Tolerance is another word for indifference."

This last quote is from the British writer, William Somerset Maugham, (1874 to 1965).

I can understand perhaps the sentiment behind what he is saying here, but if this was really true, we would never really be embracing what I am describing here as being true tolerance of others.

Tolerance is not indifference. In my view, it is about loving others. It really has nothing at all to do with indifference then!

Life is also about living from a balanced position though.

Stubborn obstinacy, intolerance to other's ideas, being a poor listener, a lack of patience, even portraying a certain distain or cynical arrogance that might manifest itself in your undertaking of uncalled for risky adventures or strategies, can all unbalance you.

These one sided ways of being must be properly tempered in you by your also possessing their opposite qualities of peacefulness, understanding, and connection to others from love, rather than from power.

Tolerance helps bring you towards balance. Intolerance only ever moves you further away from your ever achieving such a balance.

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The photo used in this section has been freely sourced from the free public pages of the free media site, Wikimedia Commons.


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author avatar Carol Roach
27th Mar 2015 (#)

what Maugham meant was indifference to the pain all around us and that would be a lack of love

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author avatar spirited
27th Mar 2015 (#)

Well, only he knows what he really meant I guess, but these types of quotes can often be taken out of their context too.

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author avatar M G Singh
27th Mar 2015 (#)

Nice poem

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author avatar spirited
27th Mar 2015 (#)

Thanks Madan

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author avatar Utah Jay
27th Mar 2015 (#)

It seems that today the most hated groups are the rich, and those who refuse to believe in the days theories, much like in the days Galileo who knew the world was flat, but to say it out loud could of meant a burning at the stake, all other so called hate is spun by the media and spilled to make someone piles of dollars and cents...Nice work spirited.

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author avatar spirited
27th Mar 2015 (#)

thanks for your continued support Utah Jay

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author avatar Kingwell
28th Mar 2015 (#)

I agree there is no us or them. We are all one. Blessings.

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author avatar spirited
28th Mar 2015 (#)

thanks Kingwell, Blessings to you too.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
3rd Apr 2015 (#)

The fight against intolerance is an ever ongoing one and we should never let up, Spirited. Intolerance has been the root cause of wars. I just read Putin says he will use nuclear weapons to defend Crimea. Tolerance and love are definitely on the back foot in world affairs - siva

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author avatar spirited
3rd Apr 2015 (#)

I agree siva we should all strive to be more tolerant of others, and never let up the fight against intolerance as you say.

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