Poetry: Intuition is not fully real until its fully accepted

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This poem depicts me as a person who once never followed my intuition.

Sure, I would always hear it quietly talking to me in the background, but I would then wait for its voice to get even louder. I always wanted to be sure before following it.

This poem shows us that we do not need to be sure in our minds before we do this. We should just trust our hearts right away, without any delay.

Learning to trust your intuition is more about unlearning not to trust it

I was a person who never yet trusted fully my own intuition.
Until one day, my intuition came & trusted me in my transition.
It placed all of its greater wisdom deeper within my cognition.
It started to come through my mind, departing from my heart.
My intuition then started to show me what's really my intuition.

Beforehand, I was unkind to my heart, but I never minded my mind.
Intuitionally, I never allowed my intuition to find me, it was coded Morse.
I allowed my thoughts to run their course without knowing their source.
Until my intuition told my heart, and it asked my mind to now endorse.
These were all my soul's own ideas of course, coming to me unforced.

These ideas were about who I really was, trying to show me to myself.
Intuition is never so easily learned. In fact, this can't be ever done.
Real learning is not about conditioning our intuition, remaining stern,
but allowing this benefit to come to you by itself brings it by the tonne.
Remain largely unconcerned, but realise nothing's learned, if spurned.

If you notice your intuition as it's coming, that's really intuition.
This is creating an intuitional allowance for your intuition to be heard.
Intuitional insight into intuition does not come unconditioned, unheard.
It's intuitional wisdom, intuitionally tuitioned, from your soul, unblurred.
Such intuition, if it never departs from our mind, will never be left behind.

Our mind learns to yearn for intuition if it's coming to it from our heart.
This sourcing of love will start, if our intuition doesn't depart our chart.
Wisdom & intuition are fruits of love flowing, not kept from its start.
This form of intuition you will already surely already know is your art.
It's with you all the time you see, it's intuition on its mission in your cart.

What our intuition is really all, all about

Intuition is a sort of nudging of us from love.

Love sidles up to you and embraces you imparting its message. You feel its closeness to you, but you must realise that this closeness is about you becoming closer to your real self. Never be afraid of listening to your soul speaking to you.

Intuition is a spark of recognition of that love that is living within you trying to be you.

Love creates an intuitional direction towards itself, and this directional pull brings by attraction some meaningful coincidences towards you.

Each meaningful coincidence, or intuitional nudge, is an instance of higher consciousness living in you, or trying to do so.

Most of life is lived largely only unconsciously by most people, and it takes some inner or outer meaning to jump-start them again back to aware consciousness.

Meaningful coincidence, synchronicity, and intuition all perform this service for the love that is in you to help bring you back again into God's full love, and so thereby to return you again to the perfect love from which your soul was created from.

God is love, and so is your soul.

Knowing your true self, and living fully as your soul brings all else together into a completed knowledge of love that is now being lived awarely without any more meaningful coincidences or instances of intuition being required anymore.

These are all just soul's tools to bring you closer towards itself or towards your true self, and to help you to raise your consciousness to fully recognising yourself, and to living only as your real self, or your soul.

"The only real valuable thing is intuition."

This quote is from that greatest of minds, the great German physicist, Albert Einstein, (1879 to 1955).

It does not require you to be an Einstein for you to realise the immense value of your intuition. Value it even more today!


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
17th Jun 2014 (#)

lovely this spirited thank you...

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author avatar spirited
17th Jun 2014 (#)

thanks for following my writing with such appreciative comments carolina

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author avatar Helen Thomas
17th Jun 2014 (#)

Beautiful poem ~ Spirited ~ containing some profound truths. Thanks for sharing. Blessings to you.

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author avatar spirited
17th Jun 2014 (#)

thanks Helen,

I'm glad you liked it!

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author avatar C.D. Moore
17th Jun 2014 (#)

Well said!

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author avatar spirited
17th Jun 2014 (#)

thanks C.D.Moore!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
17th Jun 2014 (#)

Very interesting post!

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author avatar spirited
17th Jun 2014 (#)

thanks Fern!

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
17th Jun 2014 (#)

"Intuition is a sort of nudging us from love." I love it! How very true. Great post as always spirited. Thank you.

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author avatar spirited
17th Jun 2014 (#)

Thanks Steve, and thanks for the star on this one too.

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