Poetry: My silence was lost within God's silence until I got his message

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This poem is written as a message to you from God. To hear this message, we must quieten our minds enough for the ears in our heart to feel that it is quiet enough for them to open.

When we listen with these ears of our heart, we will hear God's message to us then.

Loved from above by God. God's message.

I loved you from out of my stilled loving silence,
and yet who was I in you to be you, you then said?
I was ignored again today again by you, being you,
stored, stashed away, I was not yet freed to be you.

Silence isn't ever dead, it's just not yet freed to be.
I'm trying to free you in you to be less needy you see.
Loving you silently, I'll never recede even if unheard.
I'm your maker & creator indeed, take heed, I'll plead.

Everything real in life loves in its greater silence.
Continual noise awakens me not as it's often defiance.
I loved you silently always so loudly all alive in you,
yet you shoved me aside, leaving me untried being you.

I loved you in silence, never ever being once violent.
You never knew who you could really be being you in me.
I love you now, & it's forever if you'll let me just be,
as I project my suggestions still from my silence as me.

Love never becomes a true silence within you within me,
unless you stop living by not hearing it as me in you.
To live from love never blinded by sin in your skin,
only happens if a newer silence is freed from deeper within.

Receiving God's message

"There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. It is God's finger on man's shoulder."

This is a quote from the British writer, Charles Morgan, (1894 to 1958).

God's message is not written in code, and yet it must be decoded.

This message is written in the language of your heart. To hear it, stop trying to decode it with your mind only.

Allow its message to decode itself for you from your heart by being and remaining always open to receiving God's love, and then be courageous enough to give this message of love back out to others.

"Music is perpetual, and only the hearing is intermittent."

This quote by the great American philosopher, Henry David Thoreau, (1817 to 1862) could also apply to hearing God.

God's voice is continual; only our listening is intermittent, or is always tuning in and out.

The way to hear God, then, is to look at all the ways that we are currently not hearing God. God is always talking to us. We just need to learn how to better listen to him.

How do we hear God?

Simply by becoming more open to living from his love. Only fear can ever prevent you from hearing both God, and your real self.

We hear God when we hear ourselves, even as we rest quietly within God, not disturbing ourselves by making too much distractive noise, so much so that we then do not even hear God.

The best way to listen to God is simply to follow his love as it talks to us from within our hearts.

Love listens to itself, when you allow it to fully live being you. This simply means that love is God talking, love is God's voice within you.

God looks at us through his voice of love, but sometimes it takes a thousand such voices for us to begin to see God's fullness.

Every soul speaking to us is speaking to us with the voice of God, and this means that when we listen to our neighbour, we are listening then also to God.


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author avatar n.c.radomes
20th Jul 2014 (#)

I believe what I see, hear and feel are God's messages. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar spirited
20th Jul 2014 (#)

thanks n.c.radomes

Ultimately all messages must come from God in some way to help us. We just need to see the love in each message.

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author avatar Utah Jay
21st Jul 2014 (#)

Yes, in love, in true deep love this is true, but there is another messenger we must be careful of...He grows in power as the days go on...I simply loved this post and congrats on the star spirited.

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author avatar spirited
21st Jul 2014 (#)

Thanks Utah, I'm glad you liked it.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
21st Jul 2014 (#)

Congrats on the star -- they are so hard to get for poetry pages! ;)

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author avatar spirited
21st Jul 2014 (#)

yes thanks Phyl, especially as it's only two sections long too.

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author avatar Margaret Michel
13th Aug 2014 (#)

Interesting piece! Thanks for sharing!

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author avatar spirited
13th Aug 2014 (#)

thanks Margaret

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
9th Sep 2014 (#)

Interesting post and one of a kind too, cheers!

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author avatar spirited
9th Sep 2014 (#)

thanks Fern

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