Poetry: Spiritual love, and the Law of Karma

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This is a piece of poetry about spiritual love.

God so loved each one of us that he handed his son over to us sinners to be killed by us. This was done at a great cost to God's love, but so that God's love would not be lost any more to us, but be again be found.

The Law of Karma has been set up in its way to return us to God's love, whenever we stray away from fully loving.

The power of love comes from belief within its power

Love is the abruptness of non-abruptness,
the anger of non-anger, the point before all else.
God's love sits behind all else.
All else moves itself away from love,
as much as sin discolours its choice.

Sin tricks you into making a wrong choice.
When you choose the most loving action,
you are choosing also to choose God,
or God's way for yourself, and for your life.
A saint is but a sinner who keeps on loving.

Love is movement, a movement towards God.
It's also an energy passed around within God.
It continually moves towards all of his parts.
This then brings God alive within himself in you.
God's parts are part of God if they remain in him.

Love must be lived from love to be really love.
Love not lived from sits idly on by in the sky.
Hope never does anything just kept on its own.
Marrying hope with faith brings love to life in you.
Hope shows us God's love's more than what it seems.

"He who is filled with love is filled with God himself."

The above quote is from Saint Augustine, (354 AD to 430 AD), an Algerian-Roman Christian theologian, and philosopher.

When we are filled with such love then, we will also have access to God's power then, as well.

Karma and love

Love and karma are like sisters in a way.
Love allows karma to not rest, nor to play.
Love brings to life the joy of living fully alive,
karma creates non-joy to help you to survive.

Every experience of yours repeats itself to you,
until you accept the love it's bringing to renew.
When we try to trap another soul by our deceit,
we'll find in the end karma has landed at our feet.

Love doesn't begin when karma comes to an end.
Love was there all the time within you my friend.
Embrace all with love, and karma also befriends,
in the end it sends to you what you must be sent.

"When you plant a seed of love, it is you that blossoms."

The above line is a quote from, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, an American spiritual teacher.

We only ever grow from seeds of love. Every other type of karmic seed could be seen to be a weed that tries to choke our love, and prevent it from blossoming within us.

This is not really so though.

Karma can be used as a fertiliser, that is when we see it as being such. Then, it can actually help us to grow our seed of love more wisely, and beneficially then too. When we blossom, the whole world blossoms more too

The Law of Love vs the Law of Karma

Is there such a thing as the law of love, and if so what is it?

Love has no laws about itself, but it is responsible for the creation of all other laws under it. This is because love is just love.

Full unconditional love lives as itself within you without any laws or restrictive codicils being placed upon it, but at the same time that it is above all other laws, love can also break any lower law that it wishes to too.

Other laws are created automatically as a consequence of our not loving fully.

This is because the other laws, like the big bang in cosmology, come into spontaneous working when the love in you is not being fully lived from, or in other words, when the love in you, and which you think is love, is not really love. You are following your own desires or wants, instead of following love.

These other laws work in their way to return elements of creation that have isolated themselves away from love to be "forcibly returned" to love, in a way, because there is no freedom outside of love, but always total freedom within love.

This is love's paradox.

If you seek freedom first, you will then lose it, but if you love first, only then are you totally then freed.

The law of karma sits between the law of love, and the law of reversed effort, or any fear based impetus that is driving you.

Effort made against love works in reverse you see, and so this then comes back to you as a sort of “retrograditive” karmic reaction that explodes in your face in a way so that you will see then that you are fearing love, and not just only loving.

You are making an effort to love, and this is always coming from fear.

There is never any reason to make an effort to love.

Just love, and this will ensure that it is God's love that is loving through you, and not some form of a lesser embodied love, that is really a type of fear, masquerading through your ego's wants or desires, that appear to be love, but which never in fact ever are.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
25th Feb 2014 (#)

Excellent poem my firend, blessed inspiration you have my friend!

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author avatar spirited
25th Feb 2014 (#)

thanks Fern, you are perhaps the greatest fan of us all!

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author avatar joyalariwo
25th Feb 2014 (#)

Interesting article Spirited, your articles always make love seem so easy.

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author avatar spirited
25th Feb 2014 (#)

thanks joyalariwo. Is it easier to love, or not to love?

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
25th Feb 2014 (#)

Profound truth my friend ...There is no greater love than God's own love ...
Many blessings

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author avatar spirited
25th Feb 2014 (#)

thanks Stella, it's very true what you said about God's love.

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