Poetry: The fool who wasn't really so foolish, yet remained so

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This writer has been very foolish at times during his long life.

Did he learn anything from his foolishness though? Did he grow wiser from his mistakes?

He became wise in some ways, but his basic underlying foolishness remains.

He has never been able to lift himself far from this because he does not know how to stop fooling himself.

Poetry: The foolish fool stage

He was not an idiot, just ignorantly unwise, as yet unrealized!
He was not stupid, or brainless, nor wise in only his own eyes.
He was a little irresponsible, not wanting to own his own lies.
He was not unintelligent, but wise under his foolish fool disguise.

The enigmatic expression of great happiness is lost in you,
when you do not feed it from above and below being true.
The oldness never meets the newness unless you stop competing,
be yourself as yourself means to be not your self not as yourself.

"Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower."

This quote comes from, Shigenori Kameoka

This writer's narrative about his short verse

Why is this fool in my poetry so wisely foolish, and also why is he really, foolishly so wise?

This is because to be really wise requires you to live from your heart, not just from your mind. The mind is wise in itself only when it is wise not just to itself.

Wisdom must be built not from thoughts, or knowledge, or even from knowing what to do. It only comes from knowing how to do things.

Practical wisdom is the only true wisdom then.

You can know all about love in your mind, being wise of a kind, having even much insight, but to really be truly wise, you must know through faith or trust, or through something even greater than this.

This something greater can only be obtained from your making a true connection to God's holy spirit. It is this which allows God's wisdom, the only real wisdom, to display itself in you, as it lives in you, coming to its fruition in you, from its source of love, now living alive in you being you, the real you, and not the foolish one anymore.

Poetry: the fool

The fool is often slower to learn wisdom.
Passion's reverberations are unrationed.
A fool who has not yet learned to see,
is just one not learned in his tools to be.
Wisdom learns from its own foolishness.

The straggling fool inside struggles along,
not always on our side. Misguided pride,
alongside divides our mind from its guide.
Appeasing our fool often feels so cool,
that our heart is left untried, as our guide.

We must not fear life's deepening waters.
Jump in with both feet to reach completion.
Only this feat reveals life's greater depths.
A fool is a budding master in his disguise.
A master is a fool apprised not comprised.

The persistent fool finally learns wisely.
Courage courageously pushes past lies.
The tree of knowledge looks over us all.
Understanding the fool shows him stalled.
Recalling at last is unmasking to our task.

"The fool shouts loudly, thinking to impress the world."

The French medieval poet, Marie de France (1154 to 1189) said this.

I could change it to this quote though, and it would still be equally as true, in my case, anyway!

"The fool thinks loudly within himself, hoping to impress himself, within himself."

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