Poetry: The nothingness of ourselves must be emptied into love

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This is a poem about the silence of the emptiness of oneness. It tries to show you how to enter this silence from your own position of nothingness.

When you find nothing but nothing from your own noise, you will have found everything within the silence of God's silence, and so you will then hear everything within God's nothing.

Silencing your own false silence reveals to you God's real silence.

Silence can only be heard from within silence

If we knew how to speak from love's realer silence,
we wouldn't need any other language to talk our talk.
Listen intensely to the noise inside. It's really outside.
Bring yourself peacefulness. Don't avoid being annoyed.

Thinking is not the inner voice that's up in your head.
Thinking is what actually produces only noise instead.
Freeing yourself from yourself requires you to be you.
This allows you to be true living as you in you as you.

Silence is the emptied out state of all else making noise.
Not nothing, it's oneness in its emptied state being enjoyed.
The beginning of loving is loving emptiness all un-destroyed.
Nothingness must be first emptied to be filled and employed.

Oneness to be oneness must contain itself within itself.
This makes it not so empty as we might think within our self.
When we empty our nothingness into oneness, we're full.
We have filled ourselves with an infinite love, come all alive.

Some shorter poems about silence

Poetry: Haiku about a Forest

Their silence is too loud

Forests of tall giants,
majestically displayed,
whispering unheard!

Poetry: Haiku about Silence

Silence has real strength.
Sadness is lifted from pain,
stillness reveals truth.

Poetry: Haiku about the Wilderness

Dying wilderness.
Once destroyed, death has begun.
Silence never heard.

Poetry: Haiku about Wolves

Wolves unrelenting,
holding nothing unsilenced,
knowing by being.

The poem explained remains unexplained

"I drank the silence of God from a spring in the woods."

This quote is from the Austrian poet, Georg Trakl, (1887 to 1914).

Such silence is all around us, just waiting for us to partake so of it.

When we fill oneness with our own nothingness, we empty ourselves of ourselves.

This is the only way that we can experience the silence of oneness containing us emptied out.

We can never hear silence until emptied out of our own noise, or nothingness.

The deeper the silence the more you will hear, or know yourself within oneness.

Love springs forth into your life from your not holding onto this silence, but by your being silent within your silence. Your silence then becomes the silence of God's oneness in you.

Photo credits: All photos used here have been taken from the free media site, Wikimedia Commons.


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