Poetry: The only way to empower any change is to empower ourselves from love first

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Happiness is tied into change. You will never be happy unless you can embrace change.

Change passes you forwards, otherwise you will stay where you are as you are.

Nothing will change in your life, until you change, and then the miracle occurs, everything changes, when you change.

All change can only ever take place right now, and not ever at a later time

The only right time to change is right now,
I said again now more meaningfully to myself.
The time must always be right now, I thought,
if I'm ever to change my old view of my past.

The pain of my holding on, as I'm doing,
has grown, so I must really let go, to let go.
The hurting prevents my healing, healing.
I must let go, to go forwards, to grow more.

My fearful fears of an uncertain future,
no longer say, "No" so strongly to a full life.
The time is right now in my sight, al-right,
nothing else must stop me from changing.

The trouble is that I always trip myself up,
on the very first step that I first take.
Nothing can make me go past falling down,
unless I get up again, and change my past.

Thoughts, or empty words without actions,
never will bring me the change that I need.
I must rebalance my energy again in love,
and stop pretending I am above all change.

If we think that we can't change something,
it's time to change our thinking about that.
It begins with an attitudal adjustment, and it
never ends, because growth moves us on.

"The more things change, the more they are the same."

This quote is from the French journalist, and writer, Alphonse Karr, (1808 to 1890).

This is the paradoxical nature of change. Nothing changes, but change.

It's all about re-arrangement on the one hand, but on the other hand, each re-arrangement builds permanent change in that we all learn something new from it about love, God, and ourselves.

The way to truly change is to change. It all begins with love.

Our role is to be the real person that we can be by not being the person who we are not.

You will always be just forever you, but you will never fully accept this, until you love yourself for who you are right now. You must always begin from this starting point

You change everything else by changing yourself. Your role is to be an agent of change.

Change takes place from love energising its vehicle in such a way that the vehicle then learns more about love.

Your true role in life is to take every new learning experience on board.

When you then reflect on the change that this brings to you from God's love, you will grow in your understanding, and so then you will obtain also a greater wisdom in the living of your own life.

The first step towards change then is to start really loving yourself as you are right now.

When you do this, this love will begin to change you into seeing more love around yourself then too.

You will love the world for what it is, and you will also love it even as it is right now.

You cannot change the world until you change yourself.

When you change yourself, you will have another view of the same world. The same old world will have changed then into a brand new one for you.

Poetry: Change doesn't give you any change from love, if you don't accept it

The change reached into me, then it went right on past.
To fasten onto you properly, you must take it on steadfast.
The wholeness of oneness changes as a whole, piecemeal,
only when the emptiness of nothingness becomes too small.

Change in my book means to improve from what is.
We need to adapt ourselves to tune into the new.
Change is one of the laws of love, loving as it does.
The claws of change never hurt you when you love.

Is change real?

How can we change, and from what to what do we change?

What is change, and how can oneness ever change?

The consistency of change allows change because change never stops and yet all stays the same.

This occurs through constant rearrangement not of the same things, but of the newly created changed things changing again into even more changed things.

The infinity of permutations of these changes never ends, and so all change in the end only just puts spots onto the coat of God in different places, and so this changes the pattern of the way that he looks to us too.

God himself, underneath the coat which we make for him in this way, always stays the same.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
2nd Apr 2014 (#)

As long as the change is for the best spirited , and not just for the sake of change .
I found this very profound my friend . Thank you
Many blessings
Stella ><

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author avatar spirited
2nd Apr 2014 (#)

Good point Stella.

I was talking about the type of change that can help us to grow, in spiritual, mental, and emotional ways.

Good change that is.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
3rd Apr 2014 (#)

It certainly is ..
More blessings
Stella ><

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