Poetry: The pain of not knowing is not so real

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This piece of poetry is saying in a poetic way that we know it all already. Ignorance is a blind that we draw over our own light that's forever shining bright.

How could a part of oneness not know all of oneness?

Being yourself reveals to you more than just yourself. The pain drops away when you connect to what's real.

The immensity of the intensity of my pain remained

The pain of my not knowing God's truth,
sat tightly in me in my apparent ignorance.
Disregarding what I knew by wanting proof,
I dismissed all of it, lost within my own mist.

Nothing seemed to be flowing ever smoothly,
I had stopped growing so long ago, confused.
Love was still showing me how, of course,
but I wasn't growing in my knowing unused.

Can we still be sincere within our ignorance?
Can we really be so consciously, so unwise?
How can God's wisdom link itself into our life,
if our consciousness is wise, but disguised?

Know that you're not ignorant in not knowing,
we're not ever really completely ever really so.
The first step's to discover our real self to be,
the second's to build on what we know as me.

The pain of not owning your own knowing,
is worse that your thinking you don't know.
You already know it all inside of you, you see.
To be free, let this truth be itself in thee freed.

The gate into God's wisdom pool of truth,
is only ever padlocked by your own fears.
Opening yourself to yourself, opens up it all.
Darkness exists if our light's not shining bright.

The pain of not knowing is an illusion

Senryu: About pain

Wanting to know truth?
Fear can make us wear its mask.
Pain can unmask us!

The creativeness of spirit lives within your soul waiting to be released in you.

When you miss seeing this connective thrusting of energy coming towards you, you miss living then in knowing, but nevertheless, you are still be propelled in its direction anyway in the best possible of ways. This is always happening.

You are always being driven forwards in at least one area, and only for now, it is that you do not know what it is that really drives you.

A drive is a name not for a compulsion, or for an addiction, but more for the unconscious creative urge waiting patiently for itself to be fulfilled in you by you being the real you within this framework of outer-ness that for now, you think that that's all that you only are.

"The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain."

This quote is from the German philosopher, Karl Marx, (1818 to 1883).

If we take this up a notch, we might change it then to this.

"The only antidote to spiritual suffering is mental pain."

Would this be a valid jump for us to make though?

Spiritual suffering comes about through you not being connected to anything higher than your mind.

When your mind suffers too, because of its not being able to connect to your soul by itself, this pain will often drive you into wanting to try to connect to your soul in other ways.

Meditation and prayer are two such ways where you can connect from your heart to your soul, or to God, while your mind looks on, and it is often healed then at the same time then too.

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author avatar Retired
6th Jan 2014 (#)

I like this. Deep thinking.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
6th Jan 2014 (#)

this is very nice...and heart felt...

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
6th Jan 2014 (#)

Nice poem

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author avatar spirited
6th Jan 2014 (#)

Thanks Lynett, cnwriter and Fern

That's my problem, I lose myself in my own deep thinking sometimes...

I need to learn how to swim better in the depths of my soul, like you do cnwriter, or maybe just try one of your wines, eh Fern?

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