Poetry: The perfection of perfection has no imperfection

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We all strive to achieve a certain perfection in our lives. If we strive too hard for it with our minds though, this will always move us further away from the greater perfection that already exists for us in our hearts.

Imperfection is a wrong thought being held in our mind

I had thought that I wasn't all yet, all fully perfect,
and that it wasn't all yet already a perfect World.
I found out later that pain exists still in perfection,
but that my own suffering was my own outlook, unfurled.

Striving too hard for perfection loses it imperfectly.
We're all perfect right now even just as we all are.
Imperfection never endeavours to try to exist or persist,
unless our perfection is being disbarred from who we are.

Nothing was ever accepted as perfect to my mind though,
until my heart reminded me again, so kindly, just flow.
You'd find then that imperfection was only in perfection,
if perfection, wasn't already being defined by your mind.

Contradictions, dualities are not alive. They're illusions.
Perfection's never found split all apart, or in seclusion.
Each part of love's greatest oneness is kept fully intact
when it's infiniteness is held all together in your heart.

Perfection comes alive in us when we love as God loves.
Sitting above our lost love is the fear of imperfection.
Any seeming contradiction in our life's only in our sight,
if God is not being accepted in all his might, just right.

The perfect world exists in our heart

Haiku about Mountains

A mountain loves its own valleys

Valleys in mountains
mountains are not left alone
holding each other

Haiku about life

Life’s ebbing and flowing sometimes creates waves

Life flows between good and bad
God's love's everywhere

Haiku about Palm Trees

Thickness is thinned

Straight within its growth
Palm trees all aligned sadly
Nature's overruled

Haiku about a Forest

Silence is too loud

Forests of tall giants
majestically displayed
whispering unheard

Haiku about Hurricanes

Winds growing eyes

Storming angry winds
hurricanes calmly arrive
seeing through their eye

When we try to write from our hearts, our writing comes out in words put together by our minds. Perfection remains in our heart, whilst our words can only try to find a perfect description of this perfection, somewhat imperfectly.

Perfection cannot be written down in words, some part of it will always be left out.

It is so much fun trying though, and so most of us will never stop from striving to write the perfect poem, short story, or article, here on Wikinut.


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