Poetry: We must see the brightness of God's light from in our own corner

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This is a page of poetry. It is written in different forms of poetry. Some are short, some are long.

Life often pushes us into a corner. We must see that the sun is still shining on us there too. Cheer yourself up by either reading or writing some poetry. Let some more light into some of your darkened corners. Shine brightly from your own light.

Life's corners are as bright as we allow them to be

The fulgent patterns of scattered silky sunlight,
tried to entertain me through by bedroom window.
I sat on my bed depressed in saddened gloominess,
despite all the brightened corners all around me.

I'd tried hard to brighten my day today, every way,
but life's corners were all darkened to me to stay.
I didn't see that, "We only brighten our corners,
when our bright corners are seen as they really be."

Our attitudes colour our viewing to excite, or indict.
It's our mind's eyes that determine our first sight.
The truth is that every corner's always very bright,
if you see it as being al-right from your inner light.

The glistening moonlight soon arrived, it's now night.
I had survived for yet another day yet, in my plight.
My corners were still all, all still all so very bright,
because I'd still not yet closed shut the room's blinds.

God tries hard every day to brighten up every life.
This happens in spite of our not yet learning to love.
Our corners are always just as bright as we will love,
both ourselves, all others, & our real father up above.

Life lives from an inner loving that will fill us up too.
This happens as much as we live from God within's cue.
Truth living within is outwardly then viewed as all true.
The brightest corners become owned in all that you do.

Darkness is sometimes light

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."

This is a quote from the American writer Helen Keller, (1880 to 1968), who perhaps would know the truth of this more than most others would. After-all she was blind from such an early age.

Senryu: Blinded by the light

Light sometimes blinds us.
Unless we can see the light,
we're blind within light.

Why are we often blind within our light?

Even if we have access to truth, we can still sometimes still feel so blindly helpless.

This is because the brightest light of love can overshadow you with itself.

To remain yourself within the light, be the flower that grows within the light, not the candle that thinks it doesn't have a use anymore by still burning as brightly as it can, within a brighter light than it.

How can we do that though?

Do not allow your own candle to go out. Keep it close to the inner fire that continually acts to relight, if it is does so. The inner fire of love breathes within you the fortunateness of God, and this allows you to shine brightly even, within his sun.

"Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light."

This quote is from the American poet, Theodore Roethke, (1880 to 1968).

It is the same with us too you know. Within our hearts, love also burns brightly its light.

Short poems that become longer in you as you read them in your light

Tanka are a short form of poetry written in a certain way.

There are only five lines in a Tanka, and the number of syllables used are controlled within a certain way. They are a very old way of writing poetry.

Fill up your tank by reading some of my Tanka. Let some of my sunlight into your heart. I always feel good writing such poetry.

Poetry: Tanka about the Open Road

Life's a lonely road
a journey into ourselves.
Winding, straight, or forked,
life's roughness becomes smoothness,
helping each other along.

Poetry: Tanka about Love

Love's alive like fire,
it energises us all.
Love burns us, its coals.
We must not fear its ashes,
hearts burn, but are unconsumed.

Poetry: Tanka about what a smile can do

Smiles can hide a frown.
Even so, smiles will still work.
Smiles change your outlook.
Smile at someone else today,
feel love inwardly again.

Poetry: Tanka about the Mountains

Hard mountains to climb?
Holding onto life too much?
Knowing not God's love?
Mountains left unclimbed remind
holding things, creates mountains!

Poetry: Tanka about Autumn

Trees shorn of clothing,
as their leaves fall down unheard.
Skeleton's emerge.
Scattered gold spreads on the ground,
as treasure's blow in the wind.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
20th Aug 2014 (#)

going where you go as I do...we can only arrive into the Light no matter what in our paths lies...blessings dear spirited

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author avatar spirited
20th Aug 2014 (#)

yes, that's true Carolina,

there is nothing really but light, or and love.

When we arrive into that Light, perhaps we will know this for certain.

Until then, we still might step into some dark puddles of our own tears at times....

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