Poetry: Your purpose exists in Life's Purpose

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This poem tries to show that our own purpose can only ever exist as a part of the greater purpose of God. When we try to have a purpose at odds with God's overall purpose, we will not find fulfilment, and happiness, nor satisfaction in our lives.

In short, we will not be being our real self, as long as we do not match our own purpose to God's purpose for our life.

A purpose to be real must come from God

Purpose can often mean determination, and great effort.
It often takes real resolve to find in life your own true role.
Whilst life's purpose for you is to function fully, for God too,
as you are guided to do so by your soul, still wholly enrolled.

And yet, our soul doesn't ever try to control our goal,
but it does encourage us to be whole, so we'll unroll.
Don't ignore what it's telling you, via your heart's mind,
and you'll find that your purpose within you, is God's too.

Life's purpose is to help you to be really, the real, realer you.
Your soul rolls out love from its high knoll, partly to extol,
but, you must place out your own heart's bowl to real life,
to receive love, by your not living from your head in its control.

It's not our true purpose just to be always forever always happy,
nor is our life really all about being always just a snappy chappy.
These are two opposite sides of life's duality, in this current locality.
Life's realer purpose's reality only ever resides in its total totality

This means that we must live in the now, of now's presence,
while somehow still being ourselves empowered, in pleasance.
Intent must be focused through love to remain not lost to life.
Life's purpose comes alive from your purpose in its purpose!


Don't let life's apparent hardness harden your heart!

Life's purpose comes alive from your own purpose coming alive in you.

"To forget one's purpose is the commonest form of stupidity."

Friedrich Nietzsche, (1844 to 1900) the renowned German Philosopher said this.

And I agree with him here.

You would certainly be pretty stupid to try to find your own purpose on your own, forgetting about how it must and is always a part of the greater purpose of Life and God, and your own soul too.

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Creative writing should also have a purpose

Everything we do should have a purpose, and connect as more to our greater underlying purpose.

Here are a couple of examples of creative writing that try to highlight this theme here too.

Senryu: About purpose

Looking for purpose,
loses it to the looking.
Dust off your purpose!

Short story: The true role of a teacher

Jacob was a school teacher in a Jewish school. He knew that his purpose was to give an education to his children in his class.

On top of that though, Jacob tried to also instil in these kids the purpose of purpose.

Jacob saw this to be the idea that behind every purpose there is the connection to the greater purpose which is the one for you for this life of yours right here now.

Deepness never runs deep without the vein of itself in you connecting you to this greater purpose being kept in place by you, in you.

"Nothing will divert me from my purpose."

Abraham Lincoln, (1809 to 1865), a past American President said this.

This is true of course, but only if his "my purpose" here is also connected to our real purpose too.

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The photo used here was also taken from the free media site: pixabay.com

Don't tie a ring around your purpose. Let it stay connected to all else, that connects you too to your greater purpose.


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