Poetry: Your shadow self

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This poem is about the shadow self.

The shadow self-projects its fears in our rear. These in turn shadow us from ourselves. Turn around and see the truth. There are no shadows being created from love at any time.

A candle creates shadows for others, not for itself. It burns from its own light. Don't live in another person's shadow. Be your own true self.

Shadows of darkness are from fears being lived from

My shadow self put on a real live show to go.
It pretended it was in the real know, oh how so.
I didn't yet see that there's no darkness in light,
except that which I kept alive out of my real sight.

Darkness comes forth from your own shadow self.
It's an illusionary self that you can't live life from.
You cannot pull any light into your shadow self.
Leave darkness behind, be your own shining light.

Our shadow self does not think our true thoughts.
We must think them, then our shadow will dance.
If we light our own light, we do not cast a shadow.
Shadows comes alive, if we live from other's lights.

The largeness of your ego can overshadow you,
but only if it's beside you telling you what to do.
Remember shadows can't be seen in God's light.
Fighting shadows is really an obsession with death.

Shadows cannot fall where the sun is located.
They are created by something blocking its light.
We must straighten up straight to be our true self.
It's not hidden in darkness, it's not hard to locate.

If we're facing directly the light, all's then all right.
Any darkness is just the shadows of our own fears.
Fear exists appearing within our rear as being seen,
only when we wrongly say, that its darkness is ours.

"Man stands in his own shadow, and wonders then, why it's so dark.''

<> Zen Proverb<>

The only part of us that we can lose, is the part that we refuse to look at.

We remain in the dark, because we are looking for ourselves outside of ourselves to the effects that we are making outside of ourselves.

(If we become attached to these effects, we chase our own shadows.)

The effects are our shadow, but if this then leads us back to looking within to see what is the source of our own light, this is good. If we just remain afraid of our own darkness though, illusionary fears begin to arise from within our own shadow, this is not so good.

The only darkness that we ever experience is always of our own making.

Shadow in the light, light in the shadow. Love

Senryu: Our shadow self

My shadow, shadowed.
My light stepped up from the rear.
Love was there, and there!

"When walking through the 'valley of shadows,' remember, a shadow is cast by a Light."

This quote is from the American physicist Austin O'Malley, (1858 to 1932).

Our own shadow is cast/caused by our standing in our light, and so not shining forth from it, being our real selves. We identify with the shadow, rather than the light, when we do this.

To be fully alive is the goal of life.

Life retreats from being a shadow of its potential.

We need to awaken from the dreamland of our shadow self, and to realise that we are not the shadow, but the dynamic soul that is making the shadow (i.e. it is the light source).

We only need wake up by stopping being asleep.

We must become and get alive now, by living. The best thing you can do right now, is to stop living in your shadow, and so live as the real you, soul.

How do we do this? Simply by following our true heart.

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author avatar Zhalya Abiyeva
15th Jan 2014 (#)

I enjoyed your poem. It contains a profound meaning: we have to search the light inside to overcome the shadows.

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author avatar spirited
15th Jan 2014 (#)

Thanks Zhalya,

and only by living from our full light do we not cast any shadows...

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author avatar Retired
16th Jan 2014 (#)

Nice work, Spirited.

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