"Poetry For The Soul..Part 9"

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Never make known broken promises. You're not only giving others hopes up but also your very own. Then there may be secretive promises among each other. If they trust you to hold this;then you should honor that as well. Promises may hurt in the long run. Some may not be strong enough to keep a promise. But remain weak to even make one.

"Broken Promises"

Promises that are forever made but rarely bonded with honesty. Promises are more than just spoken words. Special words between people that may share a bond that even they can't be broken;unless by choice. Promises comes in many ways that has different meanings for whatever reason. Why promise to me knowing you will not keep??
I make a promise to honor loyal honesty. Promises becomes a chain reaction;which may never lead to satisfaction. But only a distraction to cover up a known attraction. Asking me for promises that you know you can't return as well will only lead to failure. Making a promise to yourself can be use as a test. Promises are known to be broken. Only honesty can bond loyal promises . Keep me with the truth rather than lingering promises to boot.


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I am twenty-eight of age. I been writing since the age of thirteen. Started of with poetry and contests. I am a freelance self-published writer. I am the voice to all unspoken truth.

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