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This is a group of poems with inspiration and true thoughts and things I was going through and me trying to figure them out and seeing the truth in everything an just letting my feeling out and showing you how I felt on everything

Seeing Trueness

I wrote this poem when I started to see things in their true form

Creeping in all alone

Nothing helping this feeling

Tears from deep

Though I weep

Nothing can help my screaming

Walls close in

Taking my breath forever

suffocating from deep within

Not able to see

Why no one is helping me

The darkness is all I am

No light to help

Without the air, light and love

Show me the way

When in the end I may say

This life is truly meant for me

Angels Sing 3/1/12

Just a nice little poem

To be in love

Could only be a dream

A dream of peace

Of which could be

Ever so sweet

Not knowing the bumps

That may lie ahead

But the journey

Maybe well worth the trip

But yet knowing

Would never be the end

But yet the beginning

Of a beautiful thing

Which maybe glorious

That which on earth is ordinary

But in the heavens

The angels sing

Open the Door

Its the feeling you get when you find love knocking

Alone trying to feel

What it is I truly want

Each day going slowly

Not knowing what tomorrow brings

Whether it be smiles or tears

It's the fear I must swallow

By not knowing

Endless thoughts of happiness

Trying to bring up all

So I am always saying to myself

Dont get down

Dont go and fall

Look for tomorrow

With all hopes inside

Let me out

In order to feel this ride

A ride called life

Before my hope decides

To leave me


a few feelings I had one day and wanted to share

Raking through soil

Trying to breath

Not knowing what it is

That is ahead of me

Wanting to take the first air in

Not stable but pure

How do I

Simply take in a feel

Shake off the past

Try, try hard and last

How can you understand

The light shines the way

Through the tunnel

Where you stand

See how it truly is

Be blessed with happiness


This was during a sad time when I didn't know if love was every going to find me and if I was going to be open to it

Wondering if loves open to me

Am I left in the dark

Or has it left me

Never to be seen

Could it happen

Or am I so blind to everything

Wanting to feel that way

Leaving my heart open to say

I love you

Could it happen

Maybe one day

When my heart

Will finally be open

To allow me to say

Those three magic words

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author avatar LOVERME
14th Mar 2014 (#)

very nice

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author avatar Desert Reveries
14th Mar 2014 (#)

Beautifully done, so sweet and full of passion. Love truly brings magic to our life.

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author avatar Songbird B
14th Mar 2014 (#)

You have a real poetic style in the way you write Tina.. Another nice collection of emotive poetry..\0/x

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
15th Mar 2014 (#)

Very poetic and inspired in every word Tina!

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author avatar Dean moriarty
13th Apr 2014 (#)


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