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Now these poems are just a groups of poetry that I wanted to share with you I dont have any true titles for them and I wanted to share they are about love, life and other things and have true meaning and show how I feel

Feb 22, 2012

I really dont have a introduction for this poem but I just wanted to show this it's more of a haiku

You make me laugh

When I'm sad

You brighten up my days

Whenever I'm feeling down

All I need to do

Is to reach for the phone

To hear your voice, your sound

It brings me up from below

Which is why each day I glow


Not sure about what I wanted to title this poem but if anyone has a suggestion please let me know

Alone trying to feel

What it is I truly want

Each day going slowly

Not knowing what tomorrow brings

Whether it be smiles or tears

It's the fear I must swallow

By not knowing

Endless thoughts of happiness

Trying to bring up all

So I am always saying to myself

Dont get down

Dont go and fall

Look for tomorrow

With all hopes inside

Let me out

In order to feel this ride

A ride called life

Before my hope decides

To leave me


When will it be

You ask me what

I cannot tell you

Something one must feel

And just to know

What is real

No more darkness

The light ahead

Believe in what you see

A trueness so real

And obviously you need it

But through all the years

You never lived

You've never loved

Not a true love

One you've felt in return

You never wanted to see

Anything in life

All you thought you knew

Wasn't real just fake

How could that be

Has hope left me

Should I believe

What do I feel

I ask myself each day

How can I know

What's real and what's fake

When do I make the stand

And finally say

This is my day


Just a slight thought

Floating by I used to dream

Not understanding

How I was passed by

Until you came to me

Now its this beautiful journey


Waking up next to you

Sometimes feels like a dream

Need to be pinched to wake

But then its still real

could this be meant for me

smiling to myself

Feels all so new

There's already times

I cant wait to see you

I'm glad this feelings there

Hopefully I don't get scared

But everyone is at times

Things happen but then

In the end life goes on


A soft subtle breeze

Crosses over my cheek

The birds sing their slow melody

And it all makes sense

Things I wouldn't change

Tears Ive cried

Friends I've made

Ones I've lost

But my happiness prevails

Never giving up hope

Always seeing life through

There have been bumps

And many curves along the way

Lord knows I've seen many

Winding roads too

But I'm still standing

Here to say

You can't knock me down

Not when I'm so strong

Nothing will hold me back

Cause the things I've seen and know

Makes me so much more fierce

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author avatar Songbird B
14th Mar 2014 (#)

Great collection of poems Tina, featuring many emotional responses..I would think all of us could relate to these at one time or another..\0/x

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