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I had random thoughts and feelings about love and always try to share things that are on my mind and this is the way they come out. I dont try to put things into a jumble at times when I write I just have them come out this way and thats the way I will write it

Thoughts Of Love

sitting and thinking how I truly have many thoughts of just love not just any love a true and pure love something only you an that person feel and everytime you look at each other you know you share that feeling and smile you laugh deeply and cry even harder to know you could ever feel this way but you know there's the chance all could be ruined and you'd be hurt but you bask in thought and feeling that someone could love you in a way that makes never loose the precious moments when you could just deeply sigh or even take that breath that you never want to let go because at that moment you want it to last always you smile to yourself and laugh even at silly things you look forward to days enjoy smells the sun even music sounds amazing nothing could ever change this moment and you hope it lasts forever so you keep your heart strong and be real to who you are and let feelings give you the feeling you've yearned for so long and bend to anything that may come along because it will be new and something special........

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author avatar Jerry Walch
13th Mar 2014 (#)

Well, Tina, if nothing else, that has got to be the world record for the longest single sentence ever written.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
15th Mar 2014 (#)

Interesting post!

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