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You might not understand these poems, they are examples of my Absurdist Poetry. All are true. One is about an experimentalist musician, one about an event that happened on my hobby farm, one about a neighbor who has passed away....

Experimentalist's Lament

Distant hums and drones,
pulses of aural communion.
I remember how many times
we talked about these dreams,
talking on a worn carpet.
In a house of fools,
in the eyes of the world.
In a house of hope,
in the eyes of our friends.
Community and aural communion,
we thought we could change the world.
We did change the world.
Only problem is that change became conscious,
and had free will, and a will of its' own.
Analog, then AM, and FM, and Phase Distortion
Samples, and Sampling, evolves past art into a product.
That product cheapens what could be used to
create sublime aural communion,
instead of a backing beat for a drone.

I prefer not to explain this poem, allowing you to see it for itself....

Eating Samosas During a Blizzard

Tenacious D in HD,
in the window behind,
white fluffy flakes falling
and a llama's head
floats by.
I dip a samosa in pomegranate chutney,
then take a bite.

This short poem is gratitude for a moment in time. A state of Zen experience. A time of bliss felt. An epiphany given. A thank you for that epiphany.

It was written after a small blizzard and my step-daughter and I were home watching television and eating lunch. I was eating a samosas and looked up at the television which is in front of a window that overlooks one of our pastures and saw Crystal, our llama friend, enjoying the snow.

Ian's Silent Tongue

Trails once clean now obscured with fallen trees,
A cleaning table now obscured with lichen, moss,
and scattered with dying leaves,
The cleaning table overturned rotting,
fishing has ceased.
A cabin in disrepair, being repair,
another in the distance unfinished.
Fallen birch carefully harvested,
cut and cured,
intended for use lays stagnant
in storage.
Ian's last act in eyes of the world,
etched on celluloid as driving
Mister Pitt to an assassination on the prairie.
An assassination of an outlaw.
His outlaw tongue harsh in life,
would not be silent,
when oilmen tried to corrupt the water,
fishing ceased for chemical reactions
in the lake.
Ian's last act withering in agony
like the leaves fallen on a moss
covered table.
The wind through the leaves
now speak for Ian's silent tongue.

This is a poem about my friend, and neighbor, Ian Heacock. Ian was very committed to environmental issues, he and his wife, founded the Heacock Bird Sanctuary on his large, natural, property at Battle Lake Alberta. Ian was also a driver on many films shot in Alberta. The finial film that he worked as a driver on was “The Assassination of Jesse James”. I did not know Ian long, he is now deceased, but I wish I could have known him longer, through better times. I met him towards the end of his life.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
Raised in Michigan, I have a son who recently joined the Military. I am living in Canada with my wife where we have a hobby farm.

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author avatar Greenfaol
10th Mar 2011 (#)

These are really excellent. I especially enjoyed Ian's lament, the imagery was very real and there was a definite sense of loss.
Brilliant reads, all xx

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author avatar kaylar
10th Mar 2011 (#)

I like your poetry...it speaks to me

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author avatar James R. Coffey
10th Mar 2011 (#)

Wonderful imagery!

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author avatar Jerry Walch
10th Mar 2011 (#)

I'm not much of a judge as to what is or isn't good when it comes to poetry Mark, but I do agree with James here, the imagery you created with your words is very vivid.

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author avatar aden kendroemen
10th Mar 2011 (#)

Dude!! It is good to see this side of you, I find poetry gives me a freedom difficult to explain. I’m a writer however so I’ll give it a try. I got nothing, thanks for sharing, I’ll be looking forward to more Absurdistry from you.

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author avatar Dafeenah
10th Mar 2011 (#)

I love your poetry. I like to read poetry that makes me think and isn't so obvious what it is about.

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author avatar Carol
10th Mar 2011 (#)

Mark , your poetry is full of interesting facts, absurd or not, it was a great read.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
11th Mar 2011 (#)

"The wind through the leaves
now speak for Ian's silent tongue."

Your poetry is just amazing and touching my heart!

I'll revisit these poems again and enjoy their beauty.

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author avatar Retired
11th Mar 2011 (#)

Mark you certainly have a ton of talent, well done!

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author avatar Songbird B
11th Mar 2011 (#)

Lovely to see your poetry, Mark, it helps inspire the poets within us...Great work, and lovely to see Poetry as a Star page too!

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author avatar LOVERME
12th Mar 2011 (#)

very lovely poetry
i will be off for three days please fill up for me
thanks to thee

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author avatar jvaughan
12th Mar 2011 (#)

Great poems Mark! I really enjoyed "Experimentalist's Lament". I have many good memories of times spent with friends either in one of our houses or in the back yard around a burn barrel. An acoustic guitar, harmonica and a few willing voices made for the best concerts I have ever attended. Although it may not be a marketable product at that stage, it is often an unforgettable experience.

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author avatar Retired
12th Mar 2011 (#)

Ah Mark, the poet. I really liked "Eating Samosas During a Blizzard" You may just have a gift here my friend!

(RE: I always use my own images and creations ;)

Hugs, Elaine

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author avatar Jenny Heart
15th Mar 2011 (#)

Great job!
Wanted to let you know with my last article that the link said it was inserted correctly. Is it still a problem? Can I send you a meesage when I need to. Thanks!

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author avatar Aileen Tecson
24th Mar 2011 (#)

Very inspiring. Nice post!

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author avatar Delicia Powers
4th Apr 2011 (#)

Wonderful poems, I am looking forward to reading more!,

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author avatar D in The Darling
18th Apr 2011 (#)

I love this. I guess it's the first time I'm coming across your poetry. You're a major talent. Thumps up to you.

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author avatar Pink&Blue
17th May 2011 (#)

Love the Llama...

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author avatar Cynthia Jones
30th Sep 2011 (#)

These are excellent writes. Imagery ... non stop. Well done. :o) Keep up with the great work. Keep on penning. Thank you so very much for sharing your wonderful and creative talents with us. We all truly appreciate it.

*S* Cynthia

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
8th Nov 2011 (#)

I like Absurdist Poetry wherein the expression may look absurd but there is always a deep meaning to it which is more effective when done it that way.

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author avatar ccrdchm
2nd Jun 2013 (#)

Really enjoyed your poetry. Nature, will and emotion was interwoven beautifully.. Thank you for the wealth of tips as well. Much appreciative.

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author avatar Funom Makama
13th Mar 2014 (#)

I have learnt something about your poems! You make them a collection so as to meet up with the '400 words' quality-scale. I was reasoning why you couldn't break down these poems into different pages..... If the afore-mentioned reason is what it actually is, then I can suggest writing a short note and summary for each poem (before the poem, if you want your readers to immediately grasp as they read or after if you want to put them in suspense before they fully understand)... Your poems are very good and thought provoking. Great work here Mark!

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