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Here lies three poems that makes the reader go and look into themselves


you look into my eyes
do you see what you are looking for
you ask questions
but do you think
i am really telling you the truth
not really
i am telling you what you want to hear
so looking into my eyes
will not give you the inside story
of what's going inside
because i have shut that window to you
and begin to tell you what you can handle
so i shut my eyes
and all traces of broken promises
from you dissipate

Look at Me

When you look at me
do you see me?
i mean
the person i really am
not the person you deem me to be

i've grown weary
over the years
do you see my weariness?
that's okay

because you see
after all these years
i see now
you have never seen me
when you looked at me
you saw what you could get
and darling
i've grown weary of that foolishness

it's time for you

to EXIT stage left!

Your Creation

as you bare your soul
all you hear is silence
all you see are blank stares

want to know why?

cause they don't care
its not them
its not their problem

what they see and hear
is your creation

you created this world
for yourself
without them

so why would they care
you made the decisions
that put you there

their advice fell on death ears
so they listen and they watch
and at some point
stop caring

because its your creation

your creation
you must tear down
and start again

when you start again
if they truly care
they will be there
with love
and anything else you may need

but baby
when will this creation of yours
be enough?

are you ready to let go?
stop waiting?

it will not change
until you change it

so until then
the silence
blank stares
will continue

until you tear down
your creation
begin again from scratch


Inner Beauty, Inner Healing, Inner Self, Inner Struggle, Inner Talk, Inner Thoughts, Inner Voice

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I jot down life experiences of my own and those around me in the form of poems or narratives.

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