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Poetry about fear,understanding, love, loss and hope. Poetry had always help me have a better understand of life. I hope, you all enjoy these poems.

Fear of Loss

What has happened to me in past lives
That I fear the loss of those closest to me?
Many have come and gone in this lifetime alone.
Yet, I still have many by my side.
It is these that are closest to me, that I fear to set free.
What does it mean? Is there something wrong with me?
I try to understand and see what God’s plan is for me.
Still I fear losing those that are closest to me!

I Pray for Understanding

To God I pray, Give me the understanding of all these ways.
I am only human, and, therefore, I do not always understand.
Why do people fight? Why do they keep their love at bay?
What is War for? I pray give me the understanding of these ways.

I know, we are all different and things need to be this way.
Why cannot everyone accept all other for their own ways?
To God I pray, Give me the understanding of all these ways.
Why must there be so many kinds of pain that we must all endure?
What does it all mean? What does God have in store?

So many questions, I have been asking, for the understanding.
To God I pray, Give me the understanding of all these ways.
A love for life, the plant and all there dwell here is what I have.
But, yet there is so much more. I pray for understanding.

Beauty in Everything

The rain falls down the windowpane.
As I watch the drops roll down the glass,
I notice the sparkles that each drop has.
There is beauty in the smallest drop of water.

Beauty and delight are in everything that we see.
For some this beauty may be hard to understand.
For some this beauty is hard to see.
There is beauty in every land.

It takes time and practice to see the beauty in everything.
It may take many lifetimes to understand fully.
Everything is connected, and everything is beauty.

I struggle to understand that there is beauty in everything.
Life brings many changes and new understanding.
But, there is so much more to learn.

Living from the heart
Is the best place to start
This journey of understanding
And seeing the beauty in everything.

God’s Golden Light

God’s golden light surrounds each one of us.
God’s golden light is with us as we go through our day.
God’s golden light is even with the ones that do not pray.
God’s golden light is here to stay.
God’s golden light never walks away.


content by Brenda Marie © 2015 all right reserved
photos from Clip Art from Streetwise Software by Design © 1996


God, Gods Golden Light, I Pray, Pray, Understanding

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author avatar Carol Roach
9th Oct 2015 (#)

well done, these are the questions of life

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author avatar M G Singh
9th Oct 2015 (#)

A lovely emotional post

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
9th Oct 2015 (#)

Beautiful poems and very inspired, another awesome post Brendamarie

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author avatar brendamarie
9th Oct 2015 (#)

Thank-you for you comments everyone.

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author avatar Shamarie
9th Oct 2015 (#)

Awesome poems, Brenda!!!

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
10th Oct 2015 (#)

Golden Light,
Armour of Life.
Breaking Darkness,
Ending Strife.
Where no other,
The Records touch.
Song of Angels,
Miss you much.

As Lives now roll,
The Love begins.
Showing the Lady,
His pride now wins.
Where all Creation,
Stands for Love.
Bringing paradise,
From heavens Above.

Breaking Darkness,
Back into tears.
As they confirm,
The Worst of fears.
Armour now gone,
The Sun Arises all.
Leaving Darkness,
In Curtain Call.

Where all now see it,
Moon blinking past.
As flags now stand,
All in half mast.
Where no other,
Holds the Sun Wife.
Who is by Far,
The Giver of Life.

Showing the reign,
That pulls each soul.
Back into the valley,
Now true and whole.
Leaving just all,
To find their way.
As Sun now rises,
At Break of Day.

Leading the family,
Out of Valley of death.
Showing the demons,
All crowding in stealth.
Only to burn down,
With Sword of Life.
Who comes in form,
Of Unrelenting Wife.

Leading just all,
Shivering again.
As Queen of Angels,
Takes over to reign.
With Snake weeping,
On Forbidden Fruit.
Showing the truth,
None can refute.

With all now able,
To see the way.
Darkness burning,
All SINS today.
Falling in ashes,
With dust to dust.
As they see pain,
With Angel of Lust.

Leaving no other,
Able to turn flame.
Showing the truth,
Of Records in Name.
Where all now fall,
Seeing pride and joy.
For I am who I am,
From heavens high.

Taking back identity,
Proving truth in love.
Bringing the identity,
Of the One Above.
Where all Angels,
Now showing truth.
There is no entry,
For Forbidden fruit.

Who is vanquished,
Along with Snake.
As they now fall,
With shovel and rake.
Leaving no other,
Able to touch blood.
Of the Crying Father,
Who built life from mud.

Showing the children,
With Power of Love.
Bringing the energy,
Of the Sun Above.
Where all creation,
Now bows to REAL sun.
Who with Gold Rays,
Is now Second to none.

Leading all back home,
To the Promised land.
Showing the Cloud,
And the unseen hand.
That pulls the tablets,
And brings in life.
That rests in arms,
Of the Crying Wife.

Where all Creation,
Now see the child.
Who got the laugh,
And reason he smiled.
Where all now see it,
The Innocent Life.
That grows in happiness,
In the arms of Wife.

Child of the Universe,
The Golden Sun.
Showing the Planets,
Aligning as One.
Leaving all weeping,
As Planet Earth is blue.
With all now shaking,
Showing I never knew.

With that all cry,
And bring back Wife.
Who finally takes back,
Just all of her life.
Leaving no other,
With records to touch.
As all is on standstill,
With I Miss you much.

Bringing the reality,
That destroyed reign.
As King of Angels,
Ascends throne again.
Holding his Queen,
In Power of Love.
But as an Angel,
From heavens Above.

With demons falling,
Back on the floor.
Baseless Moon,
Now grey and sore.
Breaking completely,
As in orbit alone.
As entire family,
Now ascends throne.

With King and Queen,
Now proving the way.
Leaving the truth,
As it was, is today.
With Future beckoning,
The Riot of Soul.
As Music of Angels,
Makes all life whole.

With chorus of birds,
And diamonds in heart.
Rock of all ages,
Bringing tears to part.
With Heart of the Sea,
Now rising the Sun.
Who brings in life,
Now Second to none.

Where all now fall,
On the knees to pray.
Showing the truth,
Of Oh Happy Day.
As I pull intensity,
Showing the truth.
I am who I am here,
And no Forbidden Fruit.

With that I closed eyes,
Of Darkness in love.
Showing the proof,
To Great One Above.
Leading all back,
Into their world today.
For I am who I am,
With Truth, Life and Way.

With that the Real Sun,
Came in to now shock.
As all went back down,
To turn life and the lock.
Walking into darkness,
Following way of Moon.
Who stood there baseless,
Showing move and swoon.

With Planet Earth crying,
I Love you Gold Sun.
Showing the truth,
Of the Battle now one.
Where no other now,
Touches Earth and life.
As a
By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 10th October 2015

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author avatar onenow
10th Oct 2015 (#)

There IS beauty in a single drop of water. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Retired
10th Oct 2015 (#)

Thank for the share!

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
11th Oct 2015 (#)

Brendamarie, thanks for sharing such wonderful poetry. You are the best!

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author avatar Kingwell
12th Oct 2015 (#)

This is beautiful brendamarie. I too have always pondered the meaning of life, even as a little child. You are right about beauty in everything and I also think that there is divine order. Blessings.

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author avatar Retired
15th Oct 2015 (#)

Very emotional poem...touches sensitive subjects.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th Oct 2015 (#)

Life is never a walk in the park unless we have an attitude to accept those that we cannot change.

Thanks for the share Brendamarie - siva

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author avatar Retired
10th Nov 2015 (#)

I have been taught: The Spirit takes nothing from any of us, but It calls us home, each in our own time.
And understanding? In faith, we need not seek to understand; in faith, we come to know what we need to know.
This is not to criticize your poetry. I see it as a step in the great journey we share.

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author avatar brendamarie
17th Nov 2015 (#)

To learn and have a better understanding of it all is my life journey, it will go on til the day I die. I am still looking for the answers to the unknown questions.

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