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I have been writing poems for as long as I can remember and while my teachers would always try to encourage me to showcase my work, I would hide them away. Many years later I feel I should get them out there.

These poems cover depression and my grieving for a very special friend who died just over 2 years ago.

Goodbye - A poetic goodbye to a dear friend

Memories, not ghosts.
To be remembered not carried,
Facebook and Twitter all a curse,
Clinging onto false comfort.

A loss so difficult,
A past so beautiful.
Time cut short by life’s cruel clockwork.

You will never be forgotten,
But it is time for me to let go.
Love you forever my friend,
But its freedom we both need.

It’s taken some time,
But I can finally say,


Coming to Grips - When grief returns

Passed on,
Still feeling his presence.

A smokescreen to hide reality.
Death is the end of one chapter,
Start of a new,
not to be confused with "gone",
Gone where?

So many words,
for what is a single matter.

Until it can be embraced,
life is paused, no moving on.

Remember, laugh and cry,
No dishonesty.
It needs to be said,

He is dead, not gone.

On a low - The depression

Trapped within myself,
No air.

Suffocating on memories,
No escaping the past.

Old scars,
Freshly cut.

Pain sets deeper.
Holds out stronger.

Mind lost in a storm,
Heartache striking.

Toxic electricity,
Rotting the soul.

It allows no glimmers of sun.
Leaves no hope of healing.

Exits all sealed,
The lights are off.

Depression has entered.

Lost - A Lonely Battle

Alone in a crowded room,
No one to hear me cry.
If the light exists,
I must be in the wrong tunnel.

Travelling on a dark path,
No flashlight in hand.
Scared to move on ,
to reach out.

Time moves by as always,
but no day feels complete.
Years filled with regrets,
Living a life with no purpose.

Is there no one who can help me?

Dark- A Low Point

Darkness surrounds me,
In the brightest of light.
Sorrow penetrates,
Poisoning the happiness.

Caught up in a maze,
No light at the end.
A game with no "restart",
I follow blind.

Evil tormenting me,
Teasing and seducing,
Guilt succeeding.

One more wrong turn,
My last ?

Night War - Side effect : Insomnia

The tell tale glow,
Illuminates my surroundings.
A warning from the enemy,
Who is preparing its attack.

Elsewhere war is already raging,
Deep in the mine fields of my mind.
The body begging for mercy,
Wounded eyes wishing for surrender.

The battle is reaching climax,
no more fight to be given.
Negotiations are met with relief,
Unaware of the new threat rising.

Blanket of calm to comfort the inured,
a time to recover.
Tick tock, tick tock,
Too much time has been let pass.

By sound of a siren,
And blazing trail of light.
Alarm and sunshine unite,
Conquering this insomniac.


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24 year old music loving, poetry writing, sports maniac , animal welfare enthusiast :)

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author avatar S. C. Weeks
2nd Sep 2013 (#)

Thank you...

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd Sep 2013 (#)

Powerful feelings. Death of loved ones are tough to get over with - feelings keep replaying, the memories flood in - siva

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
2nd Sep 2013 (#)

Nice work and excellent writing

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
2nd Sep 2013 (#)

Sorry for your loss. Sometimes staying away from talking to people helps you connect with the One Above to give you solace and rest at the time of upheaval.

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author avatar Noortje
2nd Sep 2013 (#)

Thank you all for your comments, I did not expect any so soon so was wonderful to log on today :)

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