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Please read, it would mean a lot to me. Follow me on Tumblr as well , http://vodkapoursglitterwhores.tumblr.com/ . Leave feedback in comments

A Note To Leave

I can’t sleep
I don’t want to breathe
My hearts hurts from the feelings I keep
I meant to go to bed
But somehow fell into the sea
The waves cradled me in
And rocked me gently to sleep

Leave feedback in the comments please. This mainly goes out to the depressed teenagers, for a chance to connect with someone. I appreciate all comments or suggestions negative or positive. You can follow me on Tumblr as well, http://vodkapoursglitterwhores.tumblr.com/ . I also need suggestions for more things to write about or if I should continue writing. Thank you .

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
24th Feb 2013 (#)

Dear Janny.Burd,

You have said so very much in one small sitting.

You have a very clear understanding of what others of the younger ones go through in their lives.

Sometimes they overcome their trauma and sometimes their soul is just not strong enough at that time in their journeyings.

Keep writing from your heart's understanding for you are sure to reach many.

I hope I have been to you, of some encouragement.

Uthrania Seila

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author avatar Janny.Burd
24th Feb 2013 (#)

Thank you so much for your input, it seriously means so much to me. With every word you encourage me to write more!

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author avatar Maggie
1st Jun 2014 (#)

this poem was copied off tumblr.

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author avatar John Matis
24th Feb 2013 (#)

caps, oops, lol

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author avatar Janny.Burd
24th Feb 2013 (#)

If you need guidance you can always keep updated with my page. I am going to try my best and post a variety of poetry everyday!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th Feb 2013 (#)

Short but not sweet in the end but nature steps in to fill the void! siva

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