Pointless want.

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A story of schoolboy errors with, perhaps, life changing consequences. A case of want, not need.

Schoolboy errors.

Perusing the newspapers this morning, I came across a story of five youths who decided to rob a shop.
They planned the robbery by communicating the plans via text - the up and coming criminal's contact method of choice.
The boys, aged thirteen to sixteen years old, hatched a plan to steal energy drinks, cigarettes and cash.
The master criminals executed the plan thus; Two of them went in to the shop, posing as customers, presumably to make sure there were no other customers, and were followed, shortly afterward, by their accomplices, who covered their faces.
One of them threatened the shopkeeper with gun - it later turns out that the gun was in fact an old antique, air gun that one of the boys' stepdad had found whilst out in the forest - demanding cigarettes and cash. The shopkeeper was so traumatised, he has been unable to return to work.
The boys, on being arrested, admitted to the charges and were given an eighteen month sentence each - ironically the youngest member of the would be criminal gang, cried, as he feared going to an institution. His surname is Crook.
The boys, apparently, were all promising students, even with their defense counsel suggesting that incarceration would not benefit the youthful tearaways. The judge did not agree.
If these lads were among the best students in their school, where did it all go wrong? What possessed them to formulate a - no other word for it - stupid plan, to steal, of all things, cigarettes and energy drinks?
It was reported that their families were crying in the court, as they were sentenced. One can only hope it was with shame.


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