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Have you ever wondered why some politicians can win elections after elections for the past twenty years?

Political Essay

The electorate will always base their choice on emotion. The race, religions and social standing carry more weight than anything else. I am talking about the average guy on the street, which is where the majority of them are found.
As we can see, during the past 68 years, power hungry politicians from many parts of the world were able to win one election after another even though the governments they came out with were corrupt, evil and inefficient. The unfulfilled promises of the former election manifestos were never to be taken care of again. The worse thing is that these corrupt politicians could simply point the crooked finger to accuse another race and win lots and lots of votes from his own race. He could simply say our religion is at stake and therefore he must win the election. The poor records on progress are always the faults of foreigners.
They control the whole country by promoting fear, secrecy, polarization, and also through distracting people from their deeper purpose in life. They said : Your lands, jobs, savings, and retirement are no longer secure. You must vote for us or against us!

They breed distrust, suspicion and paranoia so that the people can easily be manipulated. In a world where greed, hatred and delusion exist, it is indeed very easy to create political hay. Who is there to censure these corrupt politicians? One neurotic even suggested that crude oil must be used as weapons to fight the foreign powers, not realizing that these foreigners can also use the potatoes to fight back. Can we drink the crude oils? What would happen if the crude oil buyers find a cheaper alternative to petroleum? The more expensive the price of crude oil is the earlier the alternative will be found.
The reason why these politicians failed as economic planners is that they are not economists and worse still they allow soldiers and policemen to mess in politics. Can you name me a country which is led by a soldier and is in good shape?


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author avatar swapankumarmazumder
21st Sep 2013 (#)

There are a words which cannot be rejected straightway bit it is, as I possess of my own, not a whole being a reasonable one especially in Indian Land Political History. I deserves more accuracy for the perspective of Indian Land Politics

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author avatar pohtiongho
21st Sep 2013 (#)

Swapan: Thanks for your feedback. Indian politics still has a very long way to go.

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