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Presidential wannabes are coming out earlier and earlier...but are saying anything. Here's my take on a few of the "big issues".

Political Season

Like the Christmas sales and displays, it seems like political season get earlier every year. Although the elections for the next President of the United States is still more than a year away it is political season in the US.

Like the politicians before them, the candidates are long on promises and short on the details.

Granted it is still early and even though there has been one “debate”; few of the candidates have released anything resembling an idea of exactly how they plan to “make America great”, “bring jobs back to America”, “balance the budget”, and a plethora of other promises that do little to sway voters to one camp or another.

One thing some of these presidential wannabes have mastered is the blame game and cutting down their opponents. They can't tell us what they are going to do, but they are experts at telling us what the other guy (or girl) isn't doing – whether it is the truth or not.

Personally I shy away from politics as much as possible; namely because the politicians are quick to tell voters what they want to hear and then doing only what benefits themselves and forgetting their constituents once in office. I also object to the excessive finger pointing, blame game with the holier than thou attitudes.

And while I have no desire or intention of running for any political office; especially one on the federal or presidential level, I have a few ideas on how to accomplish – at least in part – a few of the bug issues the candidates have touched on.

Saving Money

Under the cost cutting issues -
Why is it necessary for the president and vice president to have a full Secret Service detail once they have left office? The government could save millions of dollars by eliminating the detail once the person leaves federal serice. And even if those people were not eliminated, they could be moved to other areas where they are needed. The Secret Service was originally created to “go after” counterfeit money.

Since the Republican Party is always screaming for a smaller government; how about getting rid of the federal income tax – which would also eliminate the need for most if not all of the Internal Revenue Service. After getting rid of the income tax, establish a national sales tax of 10% with 5% going to the federal government, 3% going to the states, and 1% each to the county and town or city. With money collected on the sale of all items, everyone – including the super rich – will have to pay into the system and there will be no loop holes to get out of paying their fair share...and that included Congress! A national sales tax would also eliminate the “corporate welfare” and restore billions in funds to the federal government.

Collect the taxes on a monthly basis – similar to what is already done – and there will be a continual influx of cash. If Congress wants to balance the budget, base it on what is brought in each month.

And as for that budget...cut out some of the frivolous staffs of Congressional members. Congress itself should either take a massive pay cut – they all have other sources of income – or pay their own medical bills and eliminate the long list of perks.

Social Security

And Social Security in all its forms is OFF LIMITS!!! There would be plenty of money to go around if the $110,000 limit was eliminated all together, meaning all workers paid into the system. As it stands now a worker who makes say $250,000 a year only pays Social Security on the first $110,000 of it a year but when it comes to collecting that Social Security their monthly retirement amount is based on the whole salary of $250,000; so somebody else has to cover the remaining $140,000 each year in Social Security. And Social Security is not a welfare payment, the people getting the money are entitled to it because the PAID for it! If Congress has an issue with Social Secuirty, then they can pay their share and quit collecting “entitlement welfare” money off of the tax payers when they leave office.


As far as that is concerned, Congress was never meant to be a career choice. Term limits need to be enacted like the one for the president and no more lifetime payments.

And on the subject of jobs...for the past several years I have seen many college students from Europe and Asia spending their summers working in the area. These are toilet cleaning, fruit picking jobs that “Americans won't do” but hospitality and restaurant jobs that pay at least the minimum wage. If these companies (Donald Trump) can acquire work visas for foreign students to work, then why can't they hire American workers?

There are quite a few young unemployed Americans. If the United States adapted the policy mandatory military service, there would be a lot less unemployed and the welfare numbers would also drop. Some countries require both men and women to serve; while many more only require the men to serve. After a person graduates from high school or college and before they enter the work force, they must serve from two to four years of military service in the branch of their choice. With the only exception being a medical release all economic levels would have to serve – no I'm rich I don't have to go excuse.

On the subject of the military – spending could be cut by establishing maximum amounts allowed for the cost of items – no more $600 hammers when one can easily be bought for less than $25. Prosecution of companies who rice gouge and exemption from future government contracts would certainly put an end to such a practice.

Since the President is considered the Commander in Chief of the military, shouldn't that person have served his or herself? If for no other reason than to have a better understanding of what military personnel must go through on a daily basis from leaving family to serving in war zones.

Transportation and conclusion

Just think what America could do if the country turned its focus from an auto society to serving all of its citizens with a viable mass transit system – not just local buses but long distance buses and rail service that covered the whole country? The air would certainly be a lot cleaner, especially if fuel sources like bio-fuels were used and the use of the oil industry was eliminated, ending the need for a dependence on OPEC and other foreign oil sources that raise prices and lower the output at their whim.

Presidential candidates are spouting how they are going to make America great again; but few if any have had any specific ideas on what to do. I don't want that job, but I do possess something that politicians – especially Congress – seems to be missing...common sense! If it makes sense, they can't seem to figure it out.


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6th Sep 2015 (#)

The problem with sales taxes is that they hit poor people proportionately harder than rich people. If you are poor you have to spend a higher percentage of your net income than if you are rich - rich people can save what they don't need to spend - and so poor people are constantly going to be taxed on the things they need to buy.

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author avatar Sherrill Fulghum
6th Sep 2015 (#)

In the US they already pay most of the income taxes because the rich have too many loop holes to avoid taxes. But with sales taxes the rich will have to make a bigger contribution because the things they buy cost more and will have bigger taxes.

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