Politics: The Third Rail

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This page discusses the importance of voting and becoming knowledgeable about political issues of the day for all, but especially for those who consider themselves Christians.

Me, Vote? I Don't Have the Time!!

Seems to be a silly title? Perhaps not. Unfortunately, there are many Americans of faith who do not vote. Well over half of those calling themselves Evangelical Christians did not vote in the last presidential election. The reasons for this are varied, of course, and only the individual can answer for him- or herself.

Where Do We Find The Time?

Many Christians are very busy doing "good works"...active in their respective churches and communities; busy as well, with the many activities of their children and other family members. Today's busy lifestyle leaves us with little 'spare time' for things not on the agenda.

Why It Matters

For anyone who has lived longer than 40 years, that question becomes more and more relevant.

In my lifetime, I've seen countless freedoms that were taken for granted a mere 20 years ago eroded further and further. Everything from how many miles to a gallon of gas my car gets, to what kind of light bulb I can buy has come under scrutiny and become the subject of legislation. To be sure, many things have been changed for the good - for responsible reasons. However, in some states and cities, what you or I may choose to eat or drink, from a hamburger that contains an entire weeks' worth of fat or a large soft drink full of sugar, is being legislated. all the while, we allow one unborn child after another to be killed and cast away like some sort of garbage. What has happened to our values?

The principles upon which our nation was founded have been pushed to the side and labeled as too conservative for todays' enlightened populace. Instead of accepting our freedom as a gift to be treasured and protected, we elect officials who want to take those very freedoms away - all in the guise of deciding what is best for us. But, deciding what is best for us on a personal, individual basis is just what our Founding Fathers intended to provide us.

Statements of Christian faith on public property in the form of sculpture or other art are being removed lest they offend someone. Crosses erected in remembrance of events or people are being condemned because someone else doesn't share the same belief system. Rather than condemn a Christian point of view, why not instead erect something commemorating a special event or person from your own view point alongside a Christian "statement". Wouldn't that be the uniquely American thing to do?

All of which brings this back to the question at hand: namely the quintessentially American right to vote.

Sources and Methods

We live in a remarkable time! At our very fingertips we have available endless information to be had for just a few keystrokes of our laptops. Shouldn't we as Christians (or of any other faith, for that matter) take the time to research those who want to represent us in our various states' legislatures or in our nations' Congress? Does this person share my belief system? Does he or she stand for the values I hold dear? What does the record show about a candidates' previous voting record?

Taking as absolute fact all we hear on the nightly news is a dangerous position to take. Each news agency presents (or, spins) a given subject in a way so as to endorse or condemn. Quite often, the truth isn't so much black or white, but falls more in a gray area. Many statements are made in the interest of brevity which in reality, need to be carefully and completely 'unpacked' as so to fully explain all factors involved.

Investigation of this sort takes time...time which many of us feel we just can't spare. But we ignore this area of life to our own peril. We choose to leave the governing of our lives to our elected officials, and then become incensed when those very same officials prove to have motives which are diametrically opposed to our own. Those motives can be discovered with some judicious investigation on our part if we're only willing to carve out the time necessary to find them.

Our Legacy

There's one more aspect to this subject I'd like to leave with the reader. If we truly believe that our values are worthy to be adopted by others, doesn't it behoove us to make all effort to ensure that those values are passed on to the next generation? In other words, isn't it our responsibility to leave a legacy of faith, truth, love and hope to those who come after us? If so, then it seems to me that we should take an active interest in how those future generations will be governed.

We neglect this area of life to the peril of ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. And just perhaps, we'll have to give an answer to our Creator as to why we ignored so great a gift.


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After walking on this earth for over 60 years now, I hope I've learned a few things from which others might benefit. Life is learning and growing!

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
9th Apr 2014 (#)

All too often people vote with their party lines without really learning more about anything, more often than not I am beginning to think we need more than 2 choices and am voting independent.

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author avatar Su'Elyn Peters
9th Apr 2014 (#)

I absolutely agree! And, unfortunately, many people don't really know the platform of the party with which they've aligned themselves.

Also, many adopt the party of their parents' without any research.

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author avatar Sandy Housley
18th Apr 2014 (#)

Much needed article, Su! Thanks for sharing.

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