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The many variables affecting a country like Jamaica whose politicians seems to keep missing the boat. Political Parties win elections while the Church and Social workers look after the less fortunate.

The source of our problem

The vigour, intensity and craving with which people seek power in this country, is not reflected in a higher quality of life for the majority of our people.
51 years of independence has resulted in two distinct groups trying to exist as one Jamaica.
The rich and the poor. The majority of Jamaicans fall somewhere in between trying to escape the clutches of poverty while aspiring and reaching out to grab the symbols of wealth. This would in time pull them up further away from the arms of poverty.
Here in lies the drama.
Drugs, bandooloo, guns, corruption and of course hard honest work. The latter is usually over a long time and so is the least course pursued.
The dynamic forces at work here are the variables in a never ending cycle of cause and effect. Business people are trying to achieve more by investing less; and call it efficiency. The people who want to go a step further and become super efficient are the main ones causing the hiccup in the cycle. We call them thieves, murderers and deceivers.
They do not want to invest anything but want to gain a lot. So with no rules or order of operation they apply force when necessary to achieve their objectives. This runs counter to society’s norms and thus the conflict.
The basic necessities of life which some people take for granted are absent from many communities across the island. Running water, electricity, and decent sanitary facilities are a dream for a lot of people. Yet still every five years they have a member of parliament, councillor etc. What for, to promise hand outs until the next five years?
If speeches were horses then every Jamaican would be riders.
The two main political parties in this country should take a look at the country as a whole. Take the five critical needs as national objectives and pursue them. The result of which is to raise the standard of living for the majority of the population.
The national objective should supersede any party objective or the desire to be re-elected. Does either of the two major political parties have the guts?


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I am a christian who writes poetry, short stories and general articles. I like creative writing and a good story. I also develop product names, gingles and advertising tag lines.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
26th Oct 2013 (#)

Kenneth, you have spoken for all where politicians play out the masses who elect them. They get elected with much hype but only flatter to deceive. Each coterie is equally bad or even worse! Democracy and freedom have no meaning when majority people are endlessly played out and politicians occupy power alternatively. They sing different tunes when in power and outside of it - siva

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author avatar Kenneth Grant
1st Nov 2013 (#)

Thanks Siva I have seen this too often and all we get is speech after speech.

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