Poor Nemo!

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Me and my partner went out to dundee for the day...quite eventful

Our day...

Ok, guys can sometimes really annoy me...take the other day for instance, we were in the O2 shop looking at phones. I saw an iphone and went to play with it, not realising that my partner had already set it to take a picture. So there I am in the picture with a double chin and him with the cheesy grin! How awful! He wouldn't even delete the stupid picture.

So then I got upset with him and couldn't really walk out because we were with someone else who was buying a new contract at the time. So I just stand there with my arms crossed with a pout face on me. My partner then comes up to me and says 'cheer up, thing about Nemo!'

Now yes, this may sound funny, thinking about that little clownfish called Nemo. But actually at the time I had a white guppy that I'd named Nemo because it's tail and fin were damaged so it couldn't swim very well. And because of this it couldn't eat.
My face falls and I shout, 'Nemo! Nemo! My poor little disabled fish at home that's starving to death! Yeah that's gonna cheer me up!!!' However it was quite funny, so I giggled a bit.

Once our friend finished with his contract, we then went to leave the shop and go swimming. But we got a bit of a fright when we walked outside and rain was literally just pouring out of the sky with high winds. So we ran screaming and laughing for ten minutes to get to Olympia. What made us laugh even more was that we were more soaked that the people who were leaving Olympia!!

Now, me being funny and clumsy, go figure that I'd get hurt, right?

Not even ten minutes in the guys wanted to go on the flume, so I went with them. There's this big yellow one that speeds and at the end there is a 6 meter drop into the water. Being cruel they make me go on it, but about a meter past the entrance I felt a pain in my right elbow. However I certainly forgot about it when I dropped the six meters. Coming out of the pool though my elbow started hurting again, I thought I'd just banged it slightly so I showed my partner.

He looked at it and his face fell. I thought he was kidding because it couldn't be that bad, it was only a little bump. But sure enough I looked down and there was blood trickling down my arm, I'd managed to slice something quite deeply into my elbow. So yeah, now it hurts and it's infected. *sad face*

Getting home was just depressing. Poor little Nemo was swimming rapidly round the tank, then stopping and crashing to the bottom. He did this three times and then the poor wee fish died.

So yeah...I'm not the best person to be around really if your a cautious person!!!


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author avatar SilentWriter
8th Jul 2010 (#)

Sorry to hear about Nemo :(

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author avatar Willa
8th Jul 2010 (#)

It's ok :-( I felt so bad for him.

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author avatar Claerwyn Anwylaeth
9th Jul 2010 (#)

Poor Nemo. But I know what you mean about guys :P. Gotta love them pulling the funny -.-

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author avatar RSyed
9th Jul 2010 (#)

A guy who cares for his pals, ego and silly jokes more than his girl is a pathetic dude - make sure you never get with guys as such.

And sorry about Nemo :/

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