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Observational Poetry writing while I was living in Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Backward Glimpse

As I sit on my roof gazing up at the moon
Cold air tingling my fingers
I think of where I came and where I am going
Of the broking family that tried to pretend it was mended
The childhood I barely had
How now I’m just starting understand my own emotions
The puzzle pieces are starting to fit together
Soon I’ll be 31
A new life I’ll enter
Emotionally sound
What a beautiful night

Black Madonna

Original woman
Mother of the Christ
Bride of the carpenter
Zoe in her glory

Dance Walid

Put some erratic jazz on the radio
Sit up in bed
Lean my head against the wall
Rest my eyes
The monkey crawls under my skin
The nod sets in
Images of Walid al-Taha appear before me
He teaches me his Sufi ways
Moving, huffing, round to New Mecca
With every step another lesson

He brings me to forgotten ruins
Places over looked knowledge in my being

We stand on the cusp of damnation and sainthood
We are Aquarian anarchists
Creation steppers
He gives me and calls me by my new name
Allah is ever surrounding us

Walid al-Taha evaporates into the mist of Avalon
Junk manna lay at my feet
Jazz ends
The monkey dies
I open my eyes to an infinite world of possibilities
New insights for a new age

Day Past

The past is always with me
No matter how much I try to push it away
Dark days of stolen youth
Sun seems so far ahead
The past is always with me
A scar deep on my brain

Down Floor

Calico eyes
Shadows following glimmers
Naked black woman
Waiting for her white prince
Shout to the top
No one cares
Hopeful failure
Tries to better his lot
Zero speaks
Smooth cool disaster
No meter
A beat will always fill the empty spaces
Live life for the second


Old man of the Mountain
Lures you in
Secrets he tells you
Each word a spell
You become his disciple
A mystic assassin
New chaotic system
Replaces your religion
You can never return
To what you use to be

Paradise shown
Opium smoke
Celestial virgins
Gnostic clarity
Alter reality

Nothing- nothing is real
Nothing- nothing is true

Altamont you dwell
Still under his spell
Waiting for his orders
You do his bidding well
A glimpse of heaven was shown
Another peak you crave
Without human emotions
You’ll follow him to the grave
He’s not normal
Holder of mysteries

Wine flows
Paradise shown
Unknown wisdom
Alter reality
Opium clarity

Opium smoke
Alter reality
Celestial virgins
Paradise shown
Serpent heaven

keys in a hole

Rays of light piercing through cotton candy clouds
I haven’t seen you in a while
Long have been the nights
How I thought of you often
Now you are here
A long lost lover to greet

You are here as a friend

King Phillips War (Bridgewater)

I can still feel the battle that took place in my backyard
The cries of soldiers
The blood sticking to the bottom of my shoes
Songs of Indians echoing
Screams surrounding my quiet neighborhood
Blasts of shots
Drums cracking my eardrums

Every night I feel the presence of battle
Will it ever go away?
Do others feel what I feel?
I’ll never know


Bustling leaves of brown and gold
Clacker down the street
With a gentile wind they move
Where are you going?
I must know
All I can tell is that I’m like them
Clacking down the road of life
Heading in an unknown direction
At least for the moment


Love sustains the universe
Love is open to all
Few choose it
The masses would rather chase material things
Wasting there days away until they rest forever

Those that walk in love
Never have regrets
They flourish in everyway
Live life fully
Heaven smiles

Love is all that matters
Love is open to all
Catch it
Never let it go
To love is to live forever

March On

March on
Psychotic army of doom
Off time march
Screams of innocence
Christ crucified over and over again
Lavender sky falls to the ocean

Veil uplifted
We can see into the heavenly places
Crystal balls
Satan tries to lead us away
Not now
Not today
Too close
Wall of angelic noise
Old Phil is at it again

Am I possessed?
Connected to a hole in time
Rational death
Intuition be my smile

Wailing jazz with Michael
Smoke rings
Thirsty quenches

I am a slave to JAH
I am a slave to JAH

Give god what he needs never what he wants

Layers of heaven peel back like an onion
Secret after secret unfolds
Penetrating into heavenly wisdom
Serpent jealousy
Slithers to the dismal place
No one rejoices
We cry for the snake
Lonely without god

March on
To the realm of silence
March on
The realm of silence



Mother I never understood you
You were always so quick to put me down
Talking shit about me behind my back
Saying that I deserve aids to my face
How much longer will you hide behind your short-tempered wall?

Father I could never love you
You declared war on me the second I was born
Always in my face with threats
Breaking my heart and dreams on the ground
Tarring Bible pages doesn’t make you a man

I can forgive but can’t forget
I must be like you after all
Though I smile the pain remains
Family we’ll never be
Love is just a word

I could fill a book
With all the dysfunction you gave me
But I’ll let you two off the hook
Just think about what was written

Nut Ella

Have I ever told you
That I love nutella
Its so choc lately and creamy
It’s a gift from heaven

Spread it on bread
Eat it right before bed
There’s nothing better
Than Nutella mixed with peanut butter

It’s a gift from the gods


Standing on a bridge in west Bridgewater Park
Marijuana smoke circling my head
Gazing at the stream flowing beneath me
Hearing a dog bark in the distance
Teenagers giggling behind some old bushes

Memories flood my mind
People I knew
Close friends
What happened to them?
Where are they now?
Did life turn out as they thought?
Are they millionaires or are they gutter rats?
I’ll never know

Standing on a bridge in West Bridgewater Park
Marijuana smoke circling my mind

Self-Portrait at age 30

Long thick wavy hair
Medium brown with blond and reddish undertones
Thick sideburns
Square jaw that goes into a thin butt chin
Golden peach olive tone skin
Tiny freckle over the left eye
Tiny freckle off centered to the right between my eyebrows
Both eyebrows thick
Long slightly curved to the left nose
Two different shaped nostrils
A bump on the upper bridge
Walnut shaped eyes
Little wrinkles and slight crows feet
Grayish green eyes with a tint of yellow near the pupil
Eyes sunk deep
High cheekbones
Long oval face
Heart shaped lips
Hair parted to the right
Widows peak visible
Stubble facial hair
Long thick neck with slight perturbing Adams apple
Broad shoulders
Chest covered by old white t-shirt


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