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A short poem about a very special pig called Porky



Porky, you were Queen of pigs, of that there is no doubt
From tip of curled up tail, to end of a grubbing snout.
Runt of the litter, it has to be said
Piglets like you are “knocked on the head”.

A kinder, feeling pig man had something else in mind
He threw you over the garden wall to someone caring and kind.
No bigger than a packet of those horrible things called “cigs”
You joined the throng of cats and dogs, away from other pigs.

Not for you a sty or shed, so stark, so cold, so bare
You lived with all the other strays, in a house so full of care.
Toilet trained, obedient, you were soon a talking point
No one could ignore you or your snout got out of joint.

Time passed so quickly, you grew and grew and grew
The lintels on the doorway could barely cope with you.
Around this time, big changes for everyone were planned
You and yours, dear Porky, would have your own island.

Removal day loomed large and near
Excitement mixed with hope and fear.
“Would everyone load on to the lorry?”
Seemed to be the major worry.

The transport arrived, driven by Hugh
Everyone loaded, Porky, save you.
You had us all knacked, but still wouldn't budge
Trotters were planted, ignoring each nudge.

Darkness fast falling, we were due at the quay
Trot on there Porky, please, just for me.
Swaggering by, you walked up the ramp
You really were a porcine scamp!

Down at the harbour, all on to the boat
Once safely aboard, we were soon afloat.
Arriving at Inchkeith, you then wouldn't leave
You didn't know about “tricks up the sleeve”.

Last on board, not giving an inch
Someone suggested, “We'll just use the winch.”
“Pigs might fly” as some would say
Well, a pig flew onto Inchkeith for a five year stay!

You reigned supreme for five good years
Had many fans and knew no fears.
Pony McGuire was your special friend
You pined at his untimely end.
Desmond Morris came to see
With cameras and crew from the B.B.C.
He set off around the island looking out for you
The Animal Road Show, in colour, was your TV début.

Life on the island became too rough
Time to say “enough was enough”.
A farm was found as your new home
With plenty space for you to roam.

You've left us now, dear Porky friend
You were surrounded by love right to the end.
Sleep in peace, we'll never forget
The grandest pig we ever met.

You were the biggest, wises and best
A void has been left, now you are at rest.
Rarely do pigs ever reach their prime
But you, dearest Porky, were a legend in your own time!


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I am 22 years old, play the piano and accordion. I'm a live sound and studio recording engineer, enjoy the outdoors / countryside, agriculture and most animals... except insects.

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