Postcards From the Ledge (and Other Extraordinary Folk): Some Men Go Crazy (Story 2) ~ Part B

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Join me in a stroll through an eclectic collection of short stories filled with gay and straight characters in the mid-Michigan communities of Lansing and East Lansing and surrounding areas as they laugh, love, and find their lives intertwined in inexplicable ways. (Some of the stories - not all - contain softcore male/male sex scenes, and some of the material contained has been previously published on Wikinut by this author and have been modified from its original form.)

A Seed is Planted

(Authors Note: Parts of this story contain STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT between two consenting adult males. If this offends you in any way, perhaps you should skip this story.)

Jeff called Dr. Dobson’s office the following afternoon to make an appointment and found that he couldn’t get in until the following Monday after school, but that was okay with him.

When Matt as he wanted to be known when he introduced himself the following week to his new client, Jeff could understand why Tim had warned him not to fall in love. Matt Dobson he’d already been told by Tim was the same age as Jeff’s lover, but he actually looked a wee bit younger. He certainly was a cutie with that full head of dark wavy hair and those piercing green eyes and perfectly luscious kissable lips, Jeff’s new therapist possessed a face right out of Dorian Gray. He chuckled inwardly at the thought. That was one book he did remember! Oscar Wilde, indeed! Jeff decided it would be best if he didn’t size up the rest of this gorgeous guy’s body.

Dr. Matt began their session by asking questions designed to get to know Jeff a little better, and then he gradually progressed into the nature of the what was really bothering him, what had brought him into his office that afternoon.

Jeff had already been charmed by Matt, put completely at ease by the gentle manner of his opening round of questions, and so he had no problem at all in opening his life, their life, his and Tim’s to Matt. Through Matt’s genial yet pointed questioning Matt surmised toward the end of the first session that while Jeff’s problems were important and necessary for treatment, they were in no way insurmountable.

“I actually see a lot of client’s in similar situations like yours, Jeff,” Matt offered. “Basically I see you as overwhelmed by all the pieces of your life at the moment, and as you yourself have said you’re viewing this as a sort of mid-life crisis. Not at all unusual. Let me ask you another question. I know because you’re a teacher you have to bring schoolwork home with you. Occupational hazard, I would suppose,” to which Jeff nodded in response. Matt continued, “Do you and Tim tend to talk shop a lot, discuss your jobs at home?”

“Well, yeah, we do that all the time,” Jeff responded. “One of us or the other is complaining about something that goes on either at school or at the clinic.”

Matt unfolded his hands and gently grinned, “I can only imagine. My partner Jim is a private eye in an office next door. We could, and I say could have plenty of sorry stories to drag into our house if we allowed ourselves to go there.” Matt offered this glimpse into his own home life and went on, “and we actually used to go there during the first year or so we were together,” Matt shook his head and chuckled upon this reflection and then looked back up at Jeff, “but it was well . . . it started affecting all aspects of our life, and by that I mean even in the bedroom.”

“Wow!” Jeff just looked shocked that his gorgeous therapist had shared that bit of personal information with him. “I’m surprised that you would even share that with me, though I get your point.”

“Well, I don’t often do that,” Matt replied. “But just like anything you say to me here remains confidential, I also expect the same in return from you.”

“Oh, of course. Of course!” Jeff almost held up his right hand and swore the Boy Scout’s Oath.

“Jim and I finally decided,” Matt went on, “that we had to find someone else to dump on, to commiserate with. That’s what friends are for, right? But we had to keep the institutional garbage out of our relationship. And let me tell you it’s worked wonders for us. So I’ve got a couple of recommendations I’d like to get you started on today. First of all, in no way do I see you needing any drugs to assist you through any of this. How do you feel about that?”

“Great Doc, I mean Matt,” Jeff corrected himself. “I really didn’t want to do that unless you felt it was absolutely necessary.”

“Well, I don’t feel it is, and I won’t go there except in severe cases, and the good news is you’re not severe.” Jeff smiled at the pronouncement. Matt went on, “And because you’re not severe, I think to start we need to schedule our visits only every other week at the moment for a talk and so that I can check on your progress. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Good then. You can see Mrs. Colgate, well Dorothy actually,” Matt smiled, “but don’t you ever tell her I told you that and don’t slip and call her that, because she wants to be called Mrs. Colgate. It’s her thing, and she is old enough to be our mother! Keeps telling me she’s going to retire, but it’s a veiled threat if you ask me.” Jeff was outright laughing now which had been Matt’s plan all along. “Anyway, you can see Mrs. Colgate on the way out and set up your next appointment for every other week as it suits you and sorry I got side-tracked.”

“It’s quite all right,” Jeff waved him off still laughing.

“Now for your homework. I have two recommendations I’d like you to work on during the next two weeks. First of all, I’d like you to sit down with Tim and talk about removing the shop talk from your lives. I’d like for you two to discuss the ways in which you could find other alternatives to do that so that the detrimental stuff doesn’t slip into your household. And since Tim is already a friend of mine, I’m going to make this one rare exception here in this case and allow you to discuss with him what I told you about Jim & me and how the shop talk affected our relationship early on. I’m trusting though that it won’t go any further, and I’m making this one exception, because I’ve known Tim for quite a few years now, and I know he’s a trustworthy guy.”

“Thanks Matt, and yes he is,” Jeff was nodding in agreement. Hell he thought, he just might fall in love with this guy anyway at least on a cerebral level.

“Now,” Matt continued, “before I make the second recommendation, I have one final question. With regard to your sex life together have you and Tim ever engaged in or ever thought about doing any role playing?”

“You mean like playing a part like being strangers in some kind of fantasy or made-up situation?”

“Yup, that’s exactly what I mean.”

“No,” Jeff searched his memory. “I know we’ve never done anything like that, but I also can’t ever recall us discussing it either. I can’t speak for Tim, but I’ve never really ever thought about it.”

“That’s okay really, Jeff,” Matt responded. “Most couples never do. It’s just one of those options that’s kind of out there that unless someone like me mentions it to them or they just happen to hear the subject brought up on a talk show sometime they’d never even give it a thought. Now, I’m not going into any more specifics about Jim and me,” Matt smiled with a grin and a twinkle in those green eyes of his, “but I will say that I am recommending to you and Tim today as the second part of your therapy during the next two weeks that you at the very least consider adding role play into your sex life. And be prepared for me to ask you at your next session if you at least considered it. Fair enough?”

“Fair enough. And I’m already considering it,” Jeff said as he grinned back at Matt.

A seed had been planted as Jeff left Matt’s office that blustery afternoon in late March.

Comparing Notes

Jeff hadn’t been home from his appointment with Matt for more than 15 minutes when Tim came whistling through the backdoor. God he is beautiful, Jeff thought lovingly.

After a brief kiss, Tim said with a grin, “Well, how’d it go?”

Jeff grinned back at him, “Sorry. Too late, Dude. I’m in love.” And he chuckled as he threw up his hands in quiet resignation.

“That’s all right, Luv,” Tim chuckled in return. “Truth be told, I probably am too, at least a little bit. You ought to see his hubby!”

“Nice, huh?”

“Every bit as gorgeous as him though in a slightly more rugged looking way. C’mere,” Tim motioned for his lover to come into his beckoning embrace. “We, Sir, are handsome, but they are just plain gorgeous, it’s just a matter of degrees,” Tim said kissing Jeff lovingly and longingly. “Not that I’d change a damn thing about you, and besides as long as we’re sort of on the subject, I’m not going to let you forget that you are hung!” And as Tim delivered the message he gave Jeff’s package a hearty squeeze as they both giggled.

“Yeah, well the gods were being generous that day, and you’re not so bad in that department yourself Doc,” and Jeff sealed his pronouncement with a kiss.

After the kiss Tim got serious again and asked, “Okay, now I’d really like to know a little more about the session today if you feel up to telling me?”

“Oh I do. I do. Get a load of this!” And like two teen-age boys gossiping they sat down at their kitchen table next to each other holding hands and touching various and sundry other spots off and on while for the next half hour or so Jeff filled in Tim on what had transpired at his groundbreaking session that afternoon with Matt.

“Wow!” At its conclusion, Tim was virtually speechless at first.

“Wow what?” Jeff asked quizzically.

“I like it. I like it all,” Tim responded, and Jeff could see the cogs turning in his partner’s brain.

Jeff smiled back at him and said, “In that case my love, we’ve got some work to do. Some homework,” and they both giggled just like schoolboys.

Test #1

That Saturday afternoon Jeff answered the front doorbell to find the masseur he’d booked standing there shivering on the front stoop with his folding massage table standing on end waiting to come in. After a brief warm spell, spring was still trying to find its legs in mid-Michigan, but that was fairly usual for these parts. Jeff ushered him into the living room, and after making absolutely certain that the drapes were fully closed introduced himself to the younger brown-haired beauty who in return said his name was Marc.

“Well, Marc you can set up your table right here,” Jeff said motioning with his hands toward the vacant location he’d prepared in advance for this massage. “But I’ve never had a massage before, so I really don’t know what you’d like me to do?”

“Well I need for you to strip,” Marc said nonchalantly without any hint of anything overtly attached to that pronouncement and then handing Jeff a white towel he continued, “so why don’t you step into your bedroom and do that, and then wrap this towel around yourself and come on back. I’ll be setting up out here.”

“Sure thing,” and Jeff trotted off to do just that.

When he returned moments later and naked under his towel, he found Marc all set up. And finally shed of his jacket Jeff couldn’t help but appreciate what a beauty this guy was all dressed in white in his T-shirt which showed off his swimmer’s build fully and accentuated his very decent-looking biceps and flat stomach where the shirt was tucked into the white slacks. The brown-haired, brown-eyed man was a looker to be sure, Jeff thought as he could feel himself begin to lengthen out beneath his towel. He only hoped that wouldn’t embarrass himself too much before he crawled onto the table.

“Okay, Sir, or is it Jeff, may I call you Jeff?”

“Please do.”

“Okay, Jeff,” Marc continued, “would you please jump up here on the table lying face down with your head at this end,” and Marc motioned for him accordingly where to lie and how to position himself.

When Jeff was in position Marc adjusted the towel by loosening it from around Jeff’s waist, and he just let the ends hang loosely towards the floor. Before he went any further though, he placed his left hand on Jeff’s bare right shoulder and clarified the pre-arrangement. “Okay, I believe when you booked you said you wanted the massage with the full treatment? Did I understand you correctly about that Jeff?”

“Yes, that’s right. The full treatment. My husband’s out of town in Chicago this weekend,” Jeff looked up at the masseur and gave a little devilish grin, “and when he’s away, we have this sort of arrangement if ya know what I mean?” And Jeff winked at the younger masseur who grinned and winked back.

“Just checking,” Marc said as he adjusted the towel on Jeff’s ass barely concealing his beautiful lightly furred cheeks. And then he began oiling up Jeff’s thighs and fuzzy legs and began kneading up and down the length of each which elicited the most glorious groans out of his client. By the time Marc had finished kneading Jeff’s toes he proclaimed, “Whew, getting hot in here!” And so Marc decided to remove his T-shirt, and then he decided the time had come to commence with the full treatment.

Having just finished kneading Jeff’s feet and toes, Marc had oiled them up with a special strawberry-flavored concoction, and so he squatted back down between them and began first by licking both of Jeff’s soles thoroughly and then sucking on several of his toes individually. Even though Marc had never performed this part of the full treatment before, he must have been doing something right as evidenced by the moans and groans of sheer delight from the table before him.

Then Marc realized he’d enjoyed that positively too much as witnessed by his rock-hard boner, and so upon rising he removed his white slacks and moved on to oil and massage Jeff’s back and neck muscles and down to his glutes. Oh those glorious glutes he thought as he removed the towel which had concealed them! Marc began kneading those marvelous loaves of love for a few moments which only brought more wondrous groans, but he found that the drool was running down his chin and just dove in.

“On my God!” Jeff almost screamed. “Oh that feels so good. Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop!”

Marc had no intention of stopping, at least not until he ran out of saliva or his tongue got too damn tired as it currently was working fast and furiously on Jeff’s lightly furry love tunnel. Eventually though all things must pass, and Marc realized he had developed a nice wet spot on the front of his tightey whiteys, and so he found it necessary to remove them.

“Time to roll over, big guy,” Marc ordered as he replaced the towel over Jeff’s mid-section. It tented up right in the middle under Jeff’s solid 8-inch pole making the towel look like some kind of terry cloth big top, and the two giggled like schoolboys at the sight.

Marc grabbed the oil as he started greasing up Jeff’s chest. When he got to Jeff’s nipples he began stroking and swirling each with his hand and tweaking them with his fingers which elicited more groans of delight from the client until Jeff suddenly noticed a beautiful stiff cock accidentally poking him in his left cheek, and he realized how very, very hungry he was.

Turning his face to that side ever so slightly Jeff sucked in Marc’s delightfully hard and tasty rod, and he began to nurse it gently. Suddenly the groans were heard to be coming from the man above rather than the one below. “Oh that feels so good. Mmmmm.” But Marc kept right on working on those nipples for a bit longer, and then he remembered who the one was who was supposed to be doing the servicing.

“Okay, big guy,” Marc laughed. “you got me side-tracked.” And Marc tore the towel off Jeff’s tent pole and squirted some oil on it and began massaging it all over his balls and midsection.

Jeff’s groans grew loud and fast the more that Marc massaged Jeff’s loaded dick.

Finally he couldn’t take it any longer and so Jeff placed a hand on Marc’s thigh and said, “Slow down, I don’t want to shoot just yet. Does full treatment mean you’d let me fuck you?”

“With that beauty you’ve got,” Marc winked, “I’m more than happy to make an exception!” And he positioned himself ass out while standing at the end of the massage table after having oiled up his very willing hole.

“Oh this is gonna be sweet,” Jeff whispered as he added just a little more lube before entering Marc. And the love dance began.

No further words were spoken as none were needed. Jeff placed his hands on Marc’s hips and began the slow rhythmic movement which gradually kept picking up the pace as the friction of their lust intensified. Marc grabbed his own dick and started pumping completely in rhythm with the pace as determined by Jeff. And just like the pistons of a finely-tuned engine the momentum kept building wordlessly except for their lusty groans until they both shot their huge loads virtually together, Jeff into Marc and Marc onto the carpet but nothing a little Resolve couldn’t handle. And they would have collapsed in sweet agony onto the floor together were it not for Marc catching them both on the massage table and holding them up momentarily until they both got their sea legs about them. Standing up, they embraced and sealed the deal with a long kiss before any words were spoken.

Finally Tim previously Marc dared to break the spell, “Good idea, huh?”

“Sure was,” Jeff agreed holding on to his lover for dear life. “That therapist, I can’t even think of his name right now, he’s amazing though. But not as amazing as you!” Jeff finally opened his eyes as he stood there looking at Tim smiling. “Which brings me to . . .” and he slapped his lover lightly on the ass and laughed, “since I had no idea how far you were going to go with this fantasy beyond the fact that you were going to give me a really good massage which was great by the way . . . , but brown hair and brown eyes? I really did a double take when I opened that front door you know?”

Tim was laughing at his partner as he took him by the hand and said, “Come on, let’s go in the bedroom, and I’ll finish telling you all about it,” and he led his lover into their queen-size bed to finish his little tale.

Snuggling up in bed together a few moments later Tim looked into Jeff’s brown eyes and confessed, “Since we’d made out our top-10 list of fantasy sex scenarios and this was your number one, and all you knew to expect was that you were going to get a massage from your mystery masseur, I just didn’t feel that it would be much of a mystery if I showed up looking exactly like me.”

“Well, yeah, I suppose, and I thought something along those lines too,” Jeff replied, “but all I thought you’d do was to put on a pair of fake glasses or something. I didn’t think you’d go to so much trouble.”

“Not good enough for you, my darlin’, not good enough, and actually it wasn’t all that much trouble,” Jeff was smiling at the ‘my darlin’’ part as Tim continued, “but I did need a little help as you can imagine to pull it off.” With that he smiled and gently rubbed a hand through his new medium brown tresses. “I’ve actually thought about dyeing my hair a time or two, don’t ask me why, maybe just for a lark, I guess. So this was my chance. And so this morning I went over to Georgia’s, that’s where I disappeared to while you were doing your schoolwork.”

“And you said you were going to the gym,” Jeff fake pouted, but a little bit of his smile showed through.

“All a part of the role play my love, all a part of the role play,” Tim grinned. “And if necessary you are allowed to fib also.” Both giggled simultaneously as Tim pressed on, “So I went over to Georgia’s, you know she’s my fruit fly by the way if it matters since we’re not dragging our shop talk home anymore.”

“Okay,” Jeff interrupted. “Thanks for telling me, because the doc will be sure to ask. Mine is Carol Connors.”

“Good choice. I like her. Anyway, Georgia is also pretty good with home perms and colors, don’t you think? She did this in practically no time at all. And then I went over to the clinic before they closed at one. I’d already pre-arranged to check this out of Therapy. Gotta have it back on Monday, so it’s ours for the whole weekend!”

“Are you shittin’ me?” Jeff looked incredulously at his lover who nodded enthusiastically back at him.

“Yup, and what I didn’t know was I can check it out for an overnight any old time I want just as long as it comes back in pristine condition. That means no cum on it or anything. They didn’t tell me that, but I’m just saying.” And they both giggled like teen-agers.

“But what about the brown eyes?” Jeff just had to ask.

“You know that optical place over on 7th St.?”


“Anyone can buy a pair of colored glass contact lenses for practically nothing these days,” Tim grinned, and Jeff just laughed and shook his head.

Nothing further was said as Jeff started touching his lover in all the right places and round two of their lovemaking began. And then a quick thought popped into Jeff’s head. “By the way, what was that with the toes?” And they both began to laugh hysterically for a moment before continuing back to the lovemaking at hand.

And after a nap they removed themselves back into the living room where it became Jeff’s turn to put Tim up on the massage table and play Marc the Mysterious Masseur. And that was only Saturday. They invented Sunday as they went along laughing and giggling all the way. With a little more foot play here and there . . .

(End of Part B (of 4) of "Some Men Go Crazy (Story 2)".

Link to Part C of "Some Men Go Crazy (Story 2)" . . . Here


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