Postcards From the Ledge (and Other Extraordinary Folk): Some Men Go Just Where They Want ~ Part B

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Join me in a stroll through an eclectic collection of short stories filled with gay and straight characters in the mid-Michigan communities of Lansing and East Lansing and surrounding areas as they laugh, love, and find their lives intertwined in inexplicable ways. (Some of the stories - not all - contain softcore male/male sex scenes, and some of the material contained has been previously published on Wikinut by this author and have been modified from it's original form.)

Figuring It Out As They Go

(Author's Note: This part of the story contains STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT involving two consenting adult males over the age of 18. IF for any reason this offends you, please skip this part of the story, otherwise . . . relax.)

Since Harley had come to town with his other two buddies in their pickup, he found himself completely at Gavin’s mercy wheels-wise, but Gavin found he kind of liked that as they pulled into the driveway of his small and quiet apartment complex. Once inside Gavin motioned for Harley to have a seat on his comfy sofa.

“Can I get you anything to drink?”

“Just some water, thanks,” was Harley’s quiet reply. “In all honesty all of a sudden my mouth’s gone dry,” and he gave a nervous chuckle.

“Yeah, me too,” Gavin responded. “Two very large waters coming right up.”

When Gavin returned from the kitchen with two huge ice waters, Harley smiled and laughed briefly as he accepted his glass. “I guess we’re both a little nervous, huh?”

“Well, yeah, I suppose,” Gavin said with a sheepish grin. “But we are gonna do this, right?”

“Oh yeah!” Harley’s eyes shined brightly back at Gavin as he took his second gulp of water and then placed the glass on the coffee table. “It’s just I think that since neither one of us has done this before we both may be thinking about who’s gonna take the lead and who’s gonna do what, you know what I’m trying to say?”

“You’re reading my mind Harley,” Gavin grinned wiping a smudge of excess water from his lips. Damn I’m thirsty, he thought. “But it’s not like we haven’t done this before. It’s just been with women. So maybe we’re just over-thinking this a bit.”

“I think you’ve got a good point there.” Harley took Gavin’s left hand into his right and scooted closer to him on the sofa. “First of all, why don’t we just take it slow, or as slow as we can stand it?” They both giggled at that. “And otherwise just sort of do what feels natural to us. One step at a time.” Harley was saying all of this last part as their faces and thus their lips kept getting closer and closer.

“Sounds perfect,” Gavin whispered as the tiny gap between them finally closed and their hungry kiss commenced. Very soon lips were parted, tongues inserted, and then it was dueling for dear, sweet life.

After several minutes of Olympic-caliber tonsil hockey Gavin suddenly stopped momentarily and took both dimpled cheeks of Harley’s sweet face into his hands and cried loudly, “Oh my God! Kissing you is so much better than kissing my wife! Or any woman I’ve ever kissed! Jesus, Harley!”

Harley was busy trying to take off his shirt with Gavin holding on to his face. It was a bit of a struggle, but Gavin quickly caught on to what he was doing and also stripped to the waist. “Me too. Gavin,” Harley chuckled. “Now shut up and kiss me.”

Harley veritably tackled Gavin, and so Gavin began laughing hard as they both went horizontal on the sofa for this kissy session as they both let their fingers do the walking and exploring of flesh both exposed and that which had yet to see the light.

Because both men had become erect long before this point in time they were getting uncomfortable in their jeans, and so it didn’t take long for each to soon shed them and also find the desire to rid themselves of their underwear. Harley jumped up off the sofa and slowly began to remove his tightey whiteys for Gavin with a mischievous glint in his eyes playing the part of the cowboy stripper bumping and grinding as if a pro until Gavin thought he might explode with sheer delight from the beautiful sight of Harley’s delightfully-rounded and lightly furry soft blond-haired ass, and then the hard cut flagpole of his huge eight-incher popped straight out in front of him amid the soft nest of light brown pubes. Harley’s 6 foot 2 inch well-muscled frame was a sight which DaVinci would have reveled in painting Gavin thought as he felt his own heart thumping wildly.

“Your turn,” Harley laughed as he plopped back down on the sofa turning the exhibition over to his partner for the evening.

“You expect me to follow that?” Gavin laughed as he jumped up from the sofa and grinned back at Harley.

“You’ll do just fine,” Harley assured him. “Sweetie, in case you hadn’t noticed I think you’re really hot!”

Wow! He called me Sweetie. That was all it took to set Gavin in motion in ways he’d never thought he could. Putting both of his hands on top of his head he launched into a sensuous belly dance making up the moves as he went along. It must have worked, because in short order Harley began stroking his poker, and that only urged Gavin into further sensual gyrations and hints of removing his tartan boxers. Slowly he began to expose his compact, hairless buns to Harley who watched and slowly stroked in absolute awe. Turning around to expose his dark brown pubes to this cowboy stud, he noticed Harley lick his lips and grin, as he began the slow descent of the boxers which culminated with a final Boing! His seven-inch cut cock could breath, and Harley looked extremely pleased.

Gavin tossed his boxers in the corner as Harley exclaimed, “Me wanna suck,” and he dropped onto his knees on the floor and latched on to Gavin’s rod hungrily slurping as though he’d performed this very act hundreds of time when in fact it was his very first.

Gavin laughed, and then felt the heavenly sensation and just moaned softly while placing a hand on his lover’s bobbing head as Harley grabbed both of Gavin’s beautiful buns and began kneading them like loaves of unbaked bread.

“After a couple of minutes, Gavin found himself gently tapping Harley on the shoulder as he said, “Okay stud, I’m getting close, and I don’t want to pop my cork yet until I’ve had a chance to taste you. Let’s switch.”

“Spoil sport,” Harley grinned up at him as he stood. “Okay, do me proud.”

And Gavin grabbed Harley’s cock with its beautiful exposed mushroom cap in his right hand and began by licking the exposed tip first.

“Oh my God! My wife never did that,” Harley almost screamed in delight. And then he just moaned as Gavin took his pole in hand and began licking up and down its length on the underside. “Be careful, Pardner, you’re gonna make short work of me,” Harley warned.

“Got an idea,” Gavin said. “Why don’t we move to the sofa?” And standing up he took Harley’s hand and led him over to the sofa and motioned for him to lie down after which climbed over him in the 69 position. No further explanation was needed as they grabbed each other’s dicks and began to nurse.

Both men were in absolute Nirvana as they each could tell from the noisy moans of the other. Not more than three or four minutes had passed Gavin felt, and he could tell that Harley must be getting close to exploding because of his quickened breathing and tightened ballsac. Suddenly Gavin heard . . .

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna shoot, Dude,” Harley was moaning loudly as he popped Gavin’s cock out of his mouth.

Gavin had no intention of not swallowing. He wanted to taste Harley’s spunk. In recent months he’d actually begun tasting his own after jack-off sessions and found it quite pleasant tasting wondering why he’d waited all these years to discover this terrific aphrodisiac. And so when Harley began squirting stream after stream after stream of hot, creamy, love goo onto the back of his hungry tongue and down his gullet, Gavin slurped it down willingly if not eagerly and felt satisfied as if he’d just finished a five course meal.

After Gavin had milked the last drops from Harley’s spent dick he heard this almost tired apology from his cowboy, “Aw, geez, Dude, you didn’t really have to do that, you know. But my God, it felt absolutely wonderful!”

Gavin crawled off Harley and sat on the end of the sofa looking at his sated lover with a huge grin. He made a huge show of licking his lips and then said, “The pleasure was all mine.”

“Really?” Harley asked, “You tasted cum before?”

“Just my own. Recently . . . and I found that I quite like it. Tastes kind of salty, but not at all unpleasant. Tastes like you!” At that, Gavin smacked his lips and grinned back at Harley who laughed right out loud.

“Well then, I guess that’s testimony enough! Come here you!”

Gavin scooted over on the sofa just a bit while Harley got down onto the floor in front of him to finish the final serving. Placing his hands on Gavin’s knees and sucking his throbbing dick up into his mouth, Harley began bobbing his head up and down so expertly it would do a sailor on liberty proud. In no time at all he was enjoying several shots of Gavin’s own contribution to this night’s love feast on his own tongue and down his own gullet.

“Yup, you’re right,” Harley responded as he began to rise from the floor and stood in front of Gavin. “Tastes great! But, I’ll bet this tastes even better,” and he leaned over his newfound lover and kissed him softly on the lips and then stuck his gooey tongue in Gavin’s mouth as the two began mixing the remnants of their own love juices.

“That was the biggest turn-on of my entire life,” Harley said as he snuggled back up next to Gavin on the sofa.

“I agree. The first of many, many more I hope,” Gavin warmly cooed. “And, by the way, you are staying the night.” Gavin ordered rather than asked.

“Your wish is my command,” Harley warmly responded as Gavin took him by the hand leading him into the bedroom.

They fell asleep almost immediately spooning with Gavin, the smaller-boned of the two, nestled comfortably in the bigger stud’s arms. Slumber for the both of them had never been so sweet.

The Start of Something?

Harley awoke first that Saturday morning, and he just stared in awesome wonder at Gavin sleeping peacefully beside him. Smiling to himself he thought, this was too great to be true, but dreams really do come true, sometimes. Roll with it. Dude. Ride this horse and just pray you don’t get bucked off, because if Gavin’s the real thing as he seems to be and as your gut appears to be telling you, you’re well on your way to being full-blown in love. Thinking back to the previous night, he almost laughed at the full-blown part. Oh yeah! He started humming Carly Simon, an oldie his dad played a lot when he was a kid, nobody does it better. Jesus, Gavin, you’re good, and hot, and you haven’t got a clue as to how good you are, he thought as he began stroking Gavin’s forehead lightly. After a couple minutes of this, Gavin sleepily opened his eyes and smiled at Harley remembering the night before. “I’d like to wake up like this again and again and again. Tell me I’m not dreaming.”

“You’re not dreaming, Pardner, and I feel the same way.” Harley then leaned over and kissed Gavin into a full embrace, their morning woodies dueling in sweet frottage until they both exploded joyously and almost simultaneously without the benefit of hands.

“Oh my God! Gavin exclaimed, “who are you!”

“Harley David Henderson, Jr., sir, at your service,” he almost breathlessly answered as he rolled off the top of Gavin and sat next to him again. And they began laughing and giggling childishly.

“What are we gonna do,” Gavin asked.

“I have no idea yet,” Harley laughed in reply. “We’ve gotta think how we’ll sort this all out.”

After all they reasoned over breakfast, they’d just met, and neither of them were divorced yet, and so dating was the only sane approach. And so that’s how it went down. Gavin accompanied Harley to the gay rodeo events for the rest of the weekend with the two of them sharing Gavin’s bed again that Saturday night. Harley called his buddies and explained his unexpected good fortune and while they were surprised they were also happy and asked to meet Gavin which they did later at the rodeo. Harley was extremely happy when Gavin passed muster with his two friends.

When it came time Sunday afternoon for the cowboys to depart for home Gavin and Harley agreed to begin a courtship of every other weekend. Harley felt it would be better for him to come down to Lansing from the ranch in Wyoming at the moment explaining that he wasn’t yet ready to entertain gentleman callers in his small room at the ranch under his father’s nose. Gavin had no problem with that. While Harley had come out to his soon-to-be ex-wife, he hadn’t yet done so to the rest of his family which Gavin fully understood, because he’d also done exactly the same. In fact he was still trying to figure out where on the Kinsey Scale he even stood not that it really mattered at the moment. He was hot for his cowboy. That was fulfillment enough. And so Harley could make the trek to Lansing every other weekend, and it would be their own damn business for the time being.

Growth and Development

Harley’s divorce was finalized just prior to Labor Day with everything agreed upon between him and Stella. It was all amicable enough. No recriminations or anything, and Harley felt satisfied with their joint custody agreement over Lucy although she would be living with Stella the lion’s share of the time and spending alternate weekends at the ranch with her father continuing the off weekends that Harley wasn’t spending in Lansing with Gavin though no one else was aware of that arrangement. Someone divine appeared to be orchestrating these proceedings Harley had thought at one point.

As time had progressed the two randy boyfriends had perfected some of their lovemaking techniques trying out different moves and positions on each other, discovering the joys of rimming and anal sex and finding it to their liking for the both of them so that they both now classified themselves as versatile. And as time wore on Gavin had decided he just wasn’t so certain if he was bisexual only, but perhaps he was more gay-leaning, perhaps a 4 or a 5 on the Kinsey Scale. He knew he couldn’t claim outright to be a 6. He still must have had some feeling for sex with women. After all, he’d managed to enjoy a perfectly reasonable degree for a number of years, but there was no doubt that he preferred sex with men even though he’d only road tested that theory with only one specimen. Harley was a hell of a specimen though!

As the fall wore on toward Thanksgiving time both lovers had expressed their deep unyielding love for each other. They knew where this courtship was headed even though Gavin’s divorce wouldn’t be finalized until the first week in January of the new year. It was all amicable, and they were just in the waiting period now. Both felt the time had become necessary for them to come out of the shadows to their respective families about their same-sex relationship and sink or swim so to speak. Gavin felt fairly confident that his mother, Ramona, though she may be surprised at first would take to Harley and welcome him into the fold as she always had with all of his female consorts. That reassured Harley immensely, however he didn’t feel that he could reassure Gavin likewise about his family. He just didn’t know, and he didn’t want to speculate.

They parted that mid-November weekend promising each other with the warmest of embraces and kisses that whatever happened they weren’t about to let it affect their relationship. Not at all.

(End of Part B of "Some Men Go Just Where They Want." Up next: Part C.)

Link to Part C of "Some Men Go Just Where They Want" . . . Here


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