Postcards From the Ledge (and Other Extraordinary Folk): Some Men Never Go (Story 3) ~ Part B

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Join me in a stroll through an eclectic collection of short stories filled with gay and straight characters in the mid-Michigan communities of Lansing and East Lansing and surrounding areas as they laugh, love, and find their lives intertwined in inexplicable ways. (Some of the stories - not all - contain softcore male/male sex scenes, and some of the material contained has been previously published on Wikinut by this author and have been modified from its original form.)

Senior Love

(Author's Note: This portion of the story contains STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT between two consenting adult males over the age of 65 (yes, geriatric sex). If this offends you in any way you may want to skip this story.)

After the nurse had left room 37W with their evening meds that night and the lights had officially been turned out and the door officially shut, Keith invited Mick to share his bed with him by gently asking, “Would you like to come over here into my bed and sleep with an older man tonight Mick, one who probably snores?”

“I’d actually like that, thanks, and I’ve gotten used to your snoring by now,” Mick was saying as he crawled under the covers snuggling up beside his budding lover. “Anyway it’s not loud, kind of like a bright whisper. Lets me know someone else is alive in the room.” And then an emboldened Mick, the new and improved version leaned into Keith and gave him a decent goodnight peck on his lips. “One final question though, and I’m sorry I’ve even got to raise the subject.”

“Don’t worry about it Mick,” Keith laughed as he touched his fingertips to his buddy’s lips. “I know what you’re about to say, but we’re two old farts, and you know we declared this room our haven and a “Fart Free Zone” a long time ago, okay? So let’s just try and not do it in each other’s faces or something if we can help it?”

“Okay,” Mick said giggling, “I can agree to that. Now which side should I lie on? I’ve never slept with anybody before at least not since I was a baby and probably slept with my mama, and I don’t remember that.”

“Why don’t you put your back into my chest and belly, and let’s spoon that way I can feel you up just a little before we drop off. Nothing much, but we deserve a little excitement to dream on tonight, don’t you think?”

“Sounds good to me,” Mick agreed as he rolled over on his other side. “Let me be putty in your hands,” and he chuckled as he felt a tingle run down into his belly at the touch of Keith’s fingertips exploring his nipples first one and then the other the first time ever in his life another man had ever given him such a thrill.

At the sound of Mick’s soft delighted groaning Keith asked, “You like that huh?” And he just kept circling Mick’s right nipple through the T-shirt fabric with his fingertip.

“I’m in heaven, Luv.”

Keith registered their first term of endearment, and he responded by gently kissing the nape of Mick’s neck while continuing the nipple fondling for a few moment’s longer before trailing his hand down his lover’s belly to fondle his dick and balls through the fabric of his pajamas only to discover a stiffy of respectable proportions. “My, my, what have we here?”

Mick chuckled. “Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve sprung a boner?”

“Probably almost as long as me,” Keith whispered in his ear. “Months I suspect, but you know what Rule Number Three in the Old Fart’s Rulebook is don’t you?” Keith kept on feeling as he was doing the asking.

Mick managed an answer through his pleasurable moans. “Never heard of an Old Fart’s Rulebook. Missed that one. God that feels good! Please don’t stop, Keith!”

Keith’s response was to shut up and let his hands do the talking. He first unsnapped the pajama bottoms to let Mick’s hard rod and jewels spring free, and then he continued with his gentle pumping action alternating his masturbatory techniques at frequent intervals. In fairly short order though Mick’s breathing quickened soon to be followed by a gigantic cum shot and a groan which must have been heard through the wall beyond which fortunately for them was a storage closet. Hopefully no one was in there at the moment either working or for illicit purposes.

Keith removed himself from his side of the bed and did something completely unexpected which had come from watching so many hours of gay porn through the years. He knelt beside Mick and plopped his softening cock in his mouth to lick and clean it off. Mick’s eyes went wide in delight though Keith couldn’t have seen this, but the act was thoroughly enjoyed by both as Keith moved on to licking off the remaining goo dribble in his lover’s graying curly bush. Much of the wad had blown onto Mick’s T-shirt which Keith eventually replaced from the bureau drawer upon the stunning realization. Sealed with a longing kiss Keith finally hopped back into his side of the single bed as happy and satisfied as he’d ever felt in his life.

“But you didn’t get off,” Mick protested as Keith was climbing back in to spoon again.

“Don’t worry about it,” Keith reassured him. “I’m going to need a prescription from my doc to sustain a hard-on. It’s my meds. But we’ll fix that soon enough. Right now, I haven’t felt this good about anything in . . . since I can’t even remember.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that, because you just made me feel so wonderful. Better than I’ve ever felt in my entire life!”

“Glad to hear it, and we’re far from through yet.”

Mick searched his mind to something that had been said during the sex earlier, something he had meant to ask about. Fixing on it he gave a chuckle and asked, “You said something earlier while you were stroking my dick I think, something about a rulebook?”

“Oh yeah, I was just shooting off my mouth at the wrong moment,” Keith laughed. “but what I asked you while I was stroking your boner was if you knew what Rule Number Three in the Old Fart’s Rulebook was, and you mumbled that you’d never heard of it. Well, Rule Three is ‘never waste an unexpected hard-on.’”

“Man you got that right, and you sure as hell didn’t. Thanks a lot, Keith. But then what are the first two rules?”

“Number One is ‘when you’re out in public never pass up a restroom.’ And Number Two is ‘never trust a fart.’” Mick started laughing somewhat loudly and so Keith began to chuckle along with him as he continued. “I don’t know if they’re ranked according to somebody’s personal idea of importance, but I kind of think they’re co-equal myself.”

With his laughter winding down Mick said, “You’re too much Keith. No I take that back, you’re just right. Goodnight, my love.”

“Goodnight, sweetheart.” And Keith made certain that his arm was tucked firmly around Mick’s flat belly as they both drifted off into dreamland.

Winning the Pool

“Hallelujah!” Nurse Becker proclaimed loudly awakening the two new lovers when she discovered them sharing one bed in the morning when she came in to deliver their morning meds. “I win the pool!”

Rising on one elbow but with only one eye open to the world yet her words had managed to register with Keith enough to raise the question, “Pool? What pool?”

“Nurse’s station and orderlies. We took up a pool the first week Mr. Yeager here came to be your roommate, and those two good-lookin’ fellas brought him in. We thought you made a cute couple, so a bunch of us threw ten bucks apiece into the pot and picked a month for your romance to blossom. I chose September, so I still had a few more days. I win! Hundred bucks, and I can sure use it!”

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Mick said laughing as he sat upright in Keith’s bed.

“You and me both,” Keith agreed as he joined his lover in laughter.

As the fall season wore on Keith and Mick slept together pretty much regularly though it wasn’t an every night thing. Some nights it was just for the simple pleasure of having a warm body to snuggle with. Other times it was to add the spice of the sex with it too. And yes, Keith did receive a prescription from his physician for his erectile dysfunction problem. It wasn’t that he couldn’t get hard. He still did on occasion though all too blessed few it seemed, but his meds especially the blood pressure and oral diabetes ones made it difficult for him to maintain his erection. Plus there were the heart stents, but otherwise there were no complications with using a prescription two or three or even four times a month to counteract his ED problem. He and Mick had had the little talk about anal sex, but both had wholeheartedly agreed that at their age there was no need for them to go that far.

Their love for each other was deepening and strengthening day by day not only because of the sharing of their sexual intimacy which was going plenty strong enough by manual and oral manipulation and even the occasional frottage, but no it went even deeper than that. Very soon after Keith’s baring of his soul regarding the Ricky Schneider Story, Mick dug into his own past with Keith and told him of his mother’s short and sad marriage to Alden Bradley and all that went along with it including the mysterious disappearance and their subsequent reintroduction back into the Dutch Reformed Church and the ultimate collateral damage that may have had on his life. Keith nodded his agreement and expressed his thoughts that he could see Mick in such a clearer light as a result of this revelation.

Abbot and Rollie though somewhat surprised at first by the discovery that Mick and Keith had become lovers couldn’t have more happy for their old friend especially when Mick finally let them in on his tale of woe regarding his online ad for a partner which had gone unanswered for so long. At long last he said to them someone somewhere had heard his prayers and pleas and they’d finally been answered in a most unexpected fashion.

However, the general consensus among all concerned was not to let Brad and Barry and their families in on the news. Keith and Mick had no problem with it and neither did anyone else. There was just too much explaining to do, and why rock the boat. Plus both gentlemen fully understood that if either Brad or Barry got a wild hair up their ass about it they could actually petition the courts under some lame-ass excuse such as senility or dementia and gain conservatorship over their father’s affairs and have him removed from Blueberry Hill and placed elsewhere, in short, make everyone’s life a living nightmare. Nope. The phrase for all of this was dummy up! And so they all did. And even the good staff of Blueberry Hill was warned to do the same and acted accordingly because of their affection for Mick and Keith.

“And there are many of them I’m still learning,” Mick added and laughed again.

As they were winding down their visit and the boys were preparing to leave, Rollie told the older pair that this visit had just given him an idea. He wasn’t going to tell them what it was just yet. He needed to discuss it with Abbot and put some notes down on paper, talk with some friends, and think about things in general. But some things they’d talked about that day had given him a germ of an idea. Even Abbott looked at him quizzically, and Rollie apologized and said to forget about it that he’d tell them all later. Have a good week.

As Keith and Mick slept in each other’s arms that night they were reminded that old love is just as good as any love, because love lies in the making of it. And they would continue making it day by day forever however long they would have until their days together should run out.

It was on their most recent visit with the older lovers sometime during the holidays for they had ceased taking Mick only down to the solarium but always visited with both gentlemen as any normal family would that Rollie and Abbot confessed their supreme affection for the older couple.

“You know,” Rollie admitted to them, “it does my heart good to see you guys so happy all the time and celebrating your lives together.” And then he lowered his voice a little as he leaned in closer to the group, “Plus it’s also obvious the sex is doing you both a world of good too.” And they all shared a good laugh.

Keith responded to the last remark. “Well, we certainly are enjoying ourselves that’s for sure. Thank god and with the help from modern medicine,” and he winked at Mick who could only giggle.

Ab also added, “What also makes me happy is to know that when and I reach that golden age we don’t have to give that part of ourselves up. I’d actually worried about that, but you two have given me a lot of hope for geriatric delights.”

The Best That I Can Be

By Mick Yeager & Keith Richardson

You picked me up when I was lost and lonely
And put me on the straight and narrow once again
And though it hasn’t been that long
What feels this right cannot be wrong
I’m walking taller now since I can’t remember when

And all past tribulations come full circle
My roads well-traveled bring me here today
With joy unbound I find
That you’re constantly in mind
I deem it most important what I need to say

My heart is overflowing with your laughter
I can hear it in the words you sing to me
My life is not the same
You have changed it frame by frame
You make me want to be the best that I can be

I used to be afraid of bumping into shadows
Or saying what might tear another’s world apart
But you’ve taught me to speak with boldness
To be me, yet keep no coldness
Without shame from the corners of my heart

And my heart is overflowing with your laughter
I can hear it in the words you sing to me
My life is not the same
You have changed it frame by frame
You make me want to be the best that I can be
And I’ll become the very best that I can be

(Mick began writing this one day about a month after the two had become lovers, and when Keith discovered his project he was so impressed with the emotion expressed that Mick invited Keith to write the refrain. So in poem as in their new life together the two have continued sharing everything).

(This concludes the story "Some Men Never Go (Story 3)".)

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