Potential Bomb

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Marzeus goes out again to tell Specter what Father said. Waldorf happens to have walked by and is talking to Specter.

Finally, somebody who agrees with Marzeus - Specter has told Waldorf that they have to kill the warthog because of the snout that the dogs have chewed off to the bone and how much it will suffer now and not survive, but Waldorf says wild animals can easily heal and recover from that and survive just fine.

Potential Bomb

Again Specter asks in an assuming and expecting manner for Marzeus to come along so he can shoot the warthog for them first, but Marzeus insists "I told you I feel sorry for it; it's such a beautiful animal of nature and I like them alive!"

In the end Specter leaves alone with the van.

Father and Uncle Gus happen to walk by as Specter leaves with the van.

"Where's he going?" asks Father to Marzeus.

"He's going to get Weener and they'll probably bring the dead warthog with them too." answers Marzeus.

"Where is this warthog?" It appears Father thought the warthog is just somewhere around here. He didn't realize it's some time's drive away. "On whose land is that? Isn't it on ours?"

Oh no! Marzeus completely forgot about that in all the excitement - this warthog is on someone else's land!

If they catch these two people with their van poaching wildlife on their land, ...

this has turned into a potential bomb that could burst at any time. And Marzeus just knows somehow he's going to be pulled into it.

Oh, if only he had listened to his heart and just got a little agressive with Specter and Weener and told them NO! I DIDN'T BRING YOU ALONG SO YOU COULD KILL IT. SORRY. YOU CAN KILL BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS IN YOUR OWN TIME. Why didn't he do as he knew was the right way for this to be?

But, now things are as they are. Marzeus didn't listen to his intuition and now, Marzeus is going to be worried until those two are back home without incident, or... well, we'll have to see now how this might play out.

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Explosive Situation, On Edge, Potential Problem, Problem, Suspence

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