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Thoughts, beliefs and the power to change the course of life

Power your Life

That our thoughts become our reality is a new awareness that has struck people in the past few years.
It is but natural to believe the above statement. Let’s look at the process in detail where our so intelligent brains and so adaptive minds can produce desires dreams or visions which our left brain breaks into manageable targets & goals. The mind body complex generates the requisite will power & focuses which when coupled with action from our bodies help us in steering the big ship of our lives in the chosen direction.
With some very obvious flaws, the above statements and processes seem to be acceptable and Ok. And, today what one finds is a barrage of youth focusing on thoughts to achieve their dreams.
In so much that this philosophy has urged people to look within for explanations to the events in their lives it has served the society well. But a deeper understanding is demanded, much deeper than the level of wishful thinking or dreaming or visualization or conditioning that one finds being marketed.
It’s not what our thoughts are, that determine our lives. It’s how we are, it’s what we actually believe in, and that makes the difference. It has nothing to do with the sporadic, occasional, half hearted thoughts which are ephemeral that materialize for us. It’s the deep underlying belief system, upon the surface of which these thoughts dance that is the internal compass. One would be tempted to make the cleavage clearer by using terms like “Wishful thinking” which is the butterfly like thoughts fluttering from one sweet spot to the other and a ”Firm resolve” which is an unshakeable determination, standing like the Rock of Gibraltar. Making it further clearer, if you hope to become a movie maker, the chances are you are flying like the butterfly. But if you decide to become a movie maker, and find it an Ok target to keep, then life will start tossing at you, more of movie making. After this your actions have to take over and support the decision on a consistent basis.

Have you observed closely at how some things work for us and some things just don’t. A step ahead, can you separate the initial disappointment of failures and look at how deeply & sincerely you wanted it to work for you? The answer lies within us, all the time. A quick inquiry and you fill find that and what you find should not startle you but only make you more & more familiar with yourself. It’s you yourself who has been not so determined to see success. If you regress a bit you will notice that long before, at the stages of design itself, at a very conceptual level, the element of determination was low and speculation was high. A lot of cases would report how the determination was high still it was nothing more than failure that was received. To all these cases of “near miss” one would say, “Nothing goes a waste ever in this universe” but your respite depends upon how deeply you believe in the efficiency of the universe.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th May 2013 (#)

We all should do our best and with passion. We can convert dreams into reality. The entrepreneurs have dreams and ready to work to achieve their dreams. You need stamina with never-say-die attitude. That differentiates them from those who work for others - siva

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author avatar abhishek123
10th May 2013 (#)

Agree sir. If we subtract where our remuneration comes from, then all of us are entrepreneurs in some way :)

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