Powering your life: Intention

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Intention and its role in shaping our thoughts and actions

Powering your life: Intention

The biggest radar, the compass and the oar of one’s life is the intention that he deeply carries within him. It’s a beautiful phenomenon to observe that it is largely the intent, embedded in our mind body complex that is the fertile soil, the flowering bed upon which our thoughts germinate. It is in the flower pot of intention that duality splits up our options of choosing between good and bad, right & wrong & the virtuous and the vicious.
Though we have a name and identification with intention but it will require a diligent inquiry into what actually intention is? What is it that we call as intention and how to notice it?
At a very subtle level it is the power of making an impact upon the current or the future moments of life. It is the screen, the surface of awareness, which allows us a chance to take decisions under our control & our influence. No one can pin point our intention or its genre all the time, but the intention displays itself in the thoughts and actions of an individual, leaving a lasting mark.

This choice becomes a power when you are able to control your animal instincts of fear, selfishness and hatred and operate out of a higher wisdom. When you are able to separate the fever of anxiety, desperation, impatience you see that automatically the intent is widened to include the general welfare, well being of others, generosity & compassion. But, when the same choices are made out of a paradigm of worry, hate, fear and desperation, the essence and feeling of power evaporates. Insecurity, hurried anticipation and a shrinking awareness grip the intent and what an individual dishes out is a warped and dilapidated choice which clouds objectivity and crumples consciousness temporarily.
A half hearted attempt, a casual response, an unfinished job, procrastinations is that what your daily disposition is like? Dominating, controlling, over involved is that how you are described? What exactly are you intending that is giving out such signals? After some days, the thoughts & actions coming out of this intention will breed inefficiency and this will lead to over speculation and fear.
Generous, sharing, calm, caring, tardy, informed & disciplined, if that’s how you are seeing yourself, then definitely the rock-bed of such a perception is a good intention. Pure and honest thoughts & actions will sprout from such a field.
It’s the myopic intent which creates regional differences, which the world today has accepted to live with and progress from, if at all. But what forms our intent? What shapes our intent and how do we purify it, we will cover in a subsequent post. For now it’s important to make ourselves aware of the subject.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th May 2013 (#)

Good share, Abhishek. Ego and greed are our enemies standing in the way of inclusive society One can work hard and achieve success but should never forget that no one can enjoy life in isolation. When our actions arise from a desire to do good to society and become a foot soldier of creation, then our intention becomes clear and we will never deviate from our goal - siva

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author avatar Munish
8th May 2013 (#)

Nice article and to a large extent i agree to the part of intent but in the end doesn't it just drill down to perception? Something done with a good intent have bad repercussions and vice versa. So with my best intent if i do something good but that is not agreeable in your perception of reality what do we say on that?

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author avatar abhishek123
13th May 2013 (#)

Dear Munish,
this happens in a few cases, when people are overtly sentimental or emotionally vulnerable.Sentiments & emotions are not bad per se. One would say, that's not a very strong reason to shed good intent and action is it.

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