Practice and procrastination.

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We are all here because we love writing and want to have our stuff read by, we hope, those who appreciate it. But is there also a little bit of procrastination?

Just one novel or even a novella....

I have been happily churning out articles for the past month, at the rate of one or two a day. It has been a good discipline for me, the self imposed duty of writing at least one article a day. It has made me pay attention to everything and take interest in even more subjects than my normal spread - film, television, sport - I peruse newspapers for topics of interest, things that I might have an opinion on and thus be able to write about.
Like most people who write on this site and blog across the net, I want my stuff to get read. Not all of it necessarily; some of it is not great, a bit raw, especially on blogs, which for a lot of people are like an online diary, a way to empty emotions onto a page. But the stuff that is not overly personal - that does not make me think maybe I should not have written it! - I want read.
On sites such as wikinut, though some of the output is personal, a lot is written specifically to be informative or entertaining. More like practice for a career in writing, not as emotive as blogging, though not impersonal either.
As I mentioned earlier, it is all good practice and we all know what practice makes. Or that is the hope; that the more you write, the better you get. But to what purpose?
I cannot be the only one on here who writes articles as a sort of procrastination. I harbour a desire to write a film script, feature length, and a novel, well, a book. I have completed several short film scripts and a few short stories. No book. No feature length script.
Short stories are great. Once done, they are complete, a finished work. Scripts are different, especially for a writer. A script, a film, is a collaborative venture. Your work cannot be showcased without going through several other people and processes. Even then, there is no guarantee - in fact it is highly unlikely - that your work will much resemble what you originally wrote or envisioned.
The novel or book is a different animal. It is said every person has a book in them. Whether it is a book anybody would want to read, or would be prepared to read, is another question, but I suspect that, at least for those who frequent this site, many have a book inside of them. I also suspect than many of you have started, even completed, your books. Writing here, or on any other site, at least you can feel like your work gets out there.
Writing a book however, is different. It takes a long time, it evolves and changes, new ideas and facets coming to the fore, as you write and explore the characters and story. The editing is constant. It is emotionally tiring and the lone nature of writing, makes it mentally challenging as well: Is it any good? Are all the chapters sufficiently strong? Are they all necessary? So many questions.
The real discipline is to keep going, just keep on writing, editing, believing in your own work. Writing articles is cathartic, continued practice. Ultimately though, we all want our work to be more meaningful and permanent. The procrastination has to stop.


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author avatar David Gubbins
28th Nov 2011 (#)

Interesting and very thoughtful point of view!

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