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They say all of us are the same at first. We all live as human, not unique, not special. But after God gave us a name, we treated each one of us as special.

This story is about my precious cats who became a big part of my life for six years now.

My precious cats

I live in a small house. It's small but happy and lively, for I do not only have a big family but I also have my precious cats with me. Other's may consider my cats as evils and scary, but for me, they are precious gems that are irreplaceable. They could be guardians of the underworld (according to stories) but they could also be a guardian of our home. They could be my best friend but also the best enemy- to some other cats- because they fight for their territory.
Having written an article for them is my pride. They've been a big part of my life for eight years now and will always be.

Ming white

She is the founder of all our cats. She is the mother of all. She is as white as snow. Her eyes have different colors. Her left eye is blue while the other eye is yellow.


He is a unique cat with a common color, orange color. He is eight years old now. He is quite the picky type. He rarely eats with the group. So, instead of being starved, he goes to the seashore and catches some fish. When he comes back home, his legs are full of sands.


He has the same color with Bagart clearly showing they are brothers. He is the serious, scary type. He usually hits the other cats for no other reasons. He shows superiority at all time from other cats.


As the name implies, he looks like a shadow He is not totally dark. He is an adopted. Well, that maybe sad but nothing to cry for. We love him like the rest of the cats. He has a small, squeaky voice and sleeps all the time at home.


He was our only cat with a short tail. He was a cutie. He had an orange color. And we loved him so much. But now, he is nowhere to be found. I miss him.

The rest of the cats

We had a lot of cats in the past. We gave them their names because they are special to us.They were namely Buster, Ghost, Momo, Mingguy, Garfield and etc. I miss these cats. And wherever they maybe, I hope they are happy.


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author avatar angel
25th Mar 2013 (#)

cute! you could shown all of those cats in pictures..anyway, i did not know you love cats so much...weeh! nice one!

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author avatar Shirra
25th Mar 2013 (#)

I couldn't put their pictures because some of them ran away and some of them were to busy to wander. :D Anyway, thanks for reading Gel..:D

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