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A poem I made up from hearing a series of sounds that made me feel a certain way. In this, would be what inspired this poem. Comments are open.



Where Shadows
Seem like Fire
Creeping along the
And the Walls.

Where the Ears

An Invisible Hand
Is wrapped around
One’s Neck
And just keeps
Getting Tighter
And Tighter.

Till one
Cannot Breathe
Collapsing to the Floor
And Dying.

To know
That in this
There are Demonic Entities
And Satanic Creatures

To Know Also
That Death Awaits Us
At Every Turning Corner.

To Sink its
Razor-Sharp Teeth
Into us
Dragging us
Further into the
Blackened Maze of Shadow.

Either Screaming
Till One Cannot Scream
Or Dead
As The Dead
May be.

But Understand
That these were once
Who Grew Accustomed
To This Pressure.

That there are Bigger
Out there.

And the Big Ones
Eat the Smaller Ones
And the Bigger Ones
Eat the Big and Smaller Ones.

To feel Fear
Is to Fight
An Inevitable

So be Fearless
And Know that
We are all
Meant to Die
In Cold Places

We were Born
To Die.

And this is Life.

The Pressure
Of the World
Is Upon our Heads.

What goes On
Holds no difference
In the Slightest
Down Here.

There is a Whistling
In the Ears
As The Pressure
Drags us down
To our Knees
Only to a Crawl
But we still go
Because that
Is our Job
As humans.

Only to Collapse
On the Cold Floor
With the Weight
Of the World
On our Shoulders.

Demonic Entities
Satanic Monsters
And Unspeakable Horrors
That Not even
The Human Mind
Can Comprehend.


Dark Poetry, Darkness, Death, Demons, Dying, Entities, Maze, Monsters, Poetry, Satanic, Shadows

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author avatar I.T.S.
17th Nov 2013 (#)

I like this poem. It possess truth that no one can deny

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